UpCart ‑ Free gift promotions

UpCart ‑ Free gift promotions

作成: Growth Apps

Create beautiful free gift campaigns and increase your sales

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Fully customize design

Create effective and beautiful free gift campaigns. Fully customisable. Perfect for strong brands!

Easy install

The installation is fully automatic and doesn't require any manual work or adding code to your theme.

Increase average order value

Increase average order value by offering free gifts in the cart when customer reach a minimum amount of cart value.

UpCart ‑ Free gift promotionsの詳細情報

Last Updated 2021-10-18

Easy install

  • No coding required, we use script tags.
  • Creates promotions like: free gift, BOGO, Buy one Get One
  • Familiar Shopify interface

Increase your AOV

  • Incentive customers to spend more with progress bar to unlock free gifts
  • Dashboarding to understand what drives results
  • Optimize for the long run with tips based on academic papers
  • Nope, we don’t auto add any gifts to your customers cart, we learnt that customers don’t like these types of automatic adding products to their cart. Imagine it when you walk in a grocery store.

Fully customize design for perfect brand fit

  • Custom CSS Styles
  • Change it to your language
  • Customize any text
  • We are here to help if you need any support!

Upcoming releases:

  • Multiple discounts
  • Fixing specific collection snag, work around is to setup the campaign for collection with all products

Add the app to your store to get notified or send a email to peter@growth-apps.com

How does it work?

  1. Select gift
  2. Select amount customers has to spend
  3. Select specific collection or collection with all products
  4. Add html code to the cart.liquid template and any other templates.

Happy to help you, if needed.

Example of UpCart gifts

  • Customer spends X, get free gift
  • Customer spends X on a specific collection, gets Y








4.2 5つ星


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Angela J. Ford | Fantasy Author

I decided to give this app a try, it was easy to install and setup. Best of all, my average order value jumped once I installed this because people want the free gift! Thanks!



I'm really glad for you Angela and thank you so much for taking the time to write a review!

Sticker Guru

Tried this app out even though I was really skeptical because it only had 3 reviews that were all 5 stars. One star because the app wouldn't load so I couldn't even access it, and the developer didn't respond to a single email.



Ouch! Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, but i've the feeling we have misconnection over the email since I've replied to your question within 4 hours but without any responses. Have you missed my email? I'll follow-up with you to see if there is anything we can still do for you.

Clearspring Ltd

Love the simplicity of this app. There are others that do more and cost more, but regardless of cost, this one is the one for us. It allows customers to add a free gift at cart, nothing more, nothing less, and that's all we wanted. Despite the simplicity, installation wasn't 100% without complications, but support was great and we are now up and running. Thank you!



Thank you so much Chris. Due to custom themes, we needed to do some customisations in the installation. And thanks in part of your feedback we currently developing an auto installation to make the onboarding even better. Happy free gifting!