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2 ottobre 2021

I tested this app. On the positive side it is customer friendly and easy to install. It takes very few clicks for the customer to upload, edit and order. On the negative side, customer images cropped in the editor will have a color shift. I noticed this when I made a test purchase in my own shop. Customer service confirmed this and informed that this will always be the case for browser based editors. I assume that is correct and therefore I asked customer support if it was possible always to download two versions of the customer image: The original file and the cropped one. Then I can use the original file and crop it in Photoshop based on the customers input. Customer service was not willing to allow that due to the fact that other users had not requested that. This issue may not be important for all web shops, but for printing quality images correct color management is essential. My conclusion: 1) Correct color management should be a core competence for any app handling upload of images 2) Customer support should go a long way to meet a relevant customer demand. Fortunately I was able to find another app where the requested service was no problem. Based on the shortcomings 1) and 2) I can only give 3 stars. However I would be happy give Upload-Lift Image Upload a second chance if the issue is solved in a later update.

Nordlys Print
13 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
Cloudlift ha risposto 2 ottobre 2021

Hi Merchant,

thanks for your detailed review, i can tell you really took your time to write it.

Our support team did mention that a color shift can occur when the browser re-encodes a cropped image. However, this is extremely rare. Many customers use our app to print images with no issues.

Update: We now have the option to save the original image in addition to the cropped image.

You are always welcome to give our app another try.