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9 gennaio 2020

Lot of bugs which destroy your customer journey. The upsell pop-up does not show every time and when you get lucky to see it, the upsell has added different product in the cart that your customers don't want.
Customer support should give me a follow up but nothing.

It sad because the UX is very good in the app, the only problem is that is does not work and nobody is here to answer you.

8 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
UFE - Upsell Funnel Engine ha risposto 17 agosto 2020

Hello Yohann Aube,

Thank you for sharing your feedback 🙏

I've personally reached out to you multiple times via mail, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and other channels. I can see that every single message I've sent in WhatsApp has been seen but no response 😔

I would like to let you know that

1. We add our script via Shopify recommended Script Tag API (we won't inject to the theme), Shopify usually loads the app scripts in the store in the order of installed apps. So if you installed our app before other many apps then Shopify loads our script after loading all the scripts of other apps those installed before our app thus results in slow loading of our script and showing the popup.

If your store has many apps or apps that are adding heavy bundle scripts, then it slows down the store that results in the poor customer experience, also slows down the loading of external scripts like our app. So that leads to the slow loading of our script and popup.

2. We have an awesome instant support team working for merchants like you on our office hours (7 AM - 11 PM IST), but you haven't contacted us.

"nobody is here to answer you" -- Not Really, to be frank.

I am glad that, We've Sarah, the Super Women ⚡️, She's doing an incredible job even after her office hours in customer support who follow-ups and resolve every single issue immediately or within 24hrs.

You can see that many other merchants posted reviews about Sarah customer support Superpowers ✨ She usually works overtime every single day to meet the needs of merchants like you 🤗

But you haven't contacted us. Feel free to contact us via any channel at any time to resolve any issues you experienced.

We are doing our best to keep all our merchants more than happy when it comes to customer experience and app performance.

We are still happy to resolve every single issue you experienced. Sarah will be waiting for you to take her superpowers to resolve any issues you experienced.

Thank you again and I would like to personally apologize for the experience you had with the app.

Feel free to reach out to us.

Valsaraj | Founder
Upsell Funnel Engine

26 marzo 2022

Complete garbage and customer service is even worse, Liquid errors waited days and were never fixed had to fix the errors after removing the app myself.
5 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
UFE - Upsell Funnel Engine ha risposto 9 aprile 2022

Hi Jamie, Normally, "Liquid error: Could not find asset snippets/ufe-offer.liquid" is happening when removing the ufe-offer.liquid file before removing the code snippet from the theme.liquid file.

That is, following step 2 before step 1 in the tutorial given for uninstalling UFE 2.0 completely.

And we are extremely sorry for the delay on our part to remove the residual codes of UFE for you.

Actually, you haven't given us the staff permission initially.
And unfortunately, we got the permission when we were offline.
That's why the delay happened.

Really sorry for the delay.
Surely, we will keep it in mind for future interactions.

Also, it would be great if you could share some light on what we can do from our side to make a 5- star experience for you.

In case of further queries please contact us at or via our in-app chat. We are always happy to help you.

- Tinu, Customer Support Advocate.

17 marzo 2021

If you don't use it and don't remove the app you will be charged because the application comes to count the total orders of your store and not the orders made with their application. Result I have 70 euro charged for an application i'm not using anymore. Be sure to uninstall totaly this application if you don't use it.

4 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
UFE - Upsell Funnel Engine ha risposto 23 marzo 2021

Thank you for posting your honest feedback review.

We've checked your logs and I could see that you are one of our early customers, appreciate that. Sorry to hear that our pricing plan is not suited
well for you, Our pricing plan is based on the sales volume of the store, which is mentioned on the pricing accept page before accepting the pricing plan.

Also, there is a dedicated detailed article about our pricing on our helpdesk site:

I could understand that you haven't used the app after January 14 while checking the analytics.

While checking I could see that $79.99 was charged from you (combined of 4months), and btw congrats on earning €36,781.55 (~ $44057.68) that's an ROI of 55,078% which is really great, to be honest!! It's performing better than most of other stores while checking our analytics.

We strongly believe it's not fair to charge if we didn't give value, so we understand the matter, We are happy to give you a refund for the period you haven't used.

Also, if you wish to use our app, and believe it adds value to your business, then we are happy to give you an unlimited orders pack for a fixed rate per month - UNLIMITED PACK Offer is live this week, you can grab that.

We've already contacted you but couldn't got any response.

Feel free to reply us at to resolve the issue and process refunds!

Valsaraj R | Founder, Upsell Funnel Engine

7 marzo 2021

performance was very poor even though ive had it for few months only generated lower end of double digits in sales, just dissapointing

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3 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
11 dicembre 2020

Do not use this app! I had an issue with the pop 4 times, then issue with the in page, and an issue removing app. If one of your variation sell out the app will cause your product page to go black and customers will not be able to purchase any variation from that product page. This app have no tutorials state, they are preparing. So, little to no direction other than a person in the chat on Indian time. I would not recommend this app.

Blackout Boutique
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25 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
Data modifica: 2 maggio 2021

The WORST APP I have EVER used. This app did not load on my page, and left code that caused massive issues when I went to uninstall. The customer service made the problem worse, much worse, my page looked like a low class SCAM. There was nothing I could do my end, a total nightmare in every way. Do not install this app, it does not boost your sales, it has a massive advert on it, and the support are totally clueless. They took ages and literally made the problem worse. Way worse! You have been warned. They are so bad it is not funny, nightmare app that will ruin your SEO and your website, they will make you look like a SCAM.

Vapester Vaping
Regno Unito
23 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
UFE - Upsell Funnel Engine ha risposto 19 maggio 2021

Hello Nick,

We are sorry for any inconvenience that we might have caused you. But certain things are needed to be cleared since your review is heavily misleading and driven by pure emotion and not reason.

In total, you had two issues and one requirement. Your requirement was that you wanted to remove our watermark for free. It was a little hard to accept your requirement to give the paid plan (removing watermark) for FREE!! we offered an extended trial as our best to give. But you still wanted to service that all other merchants pay, for free.

You contacted us via the In-app chat with an issue. The issue was that the up-sell or the offer widget was not showing, you gave us the details to check this issue, which we solved from our side within 10 minutes.

And then there was the second issue which caused all the misunderstanding. The "You may also like section" on your website was not loading images and, we don't know why but you were pretty sold on the speculation that this was caused by our app.

It took some time for us to figure out the issue because all you were saying that we made your site look like a scam. You never gave us any specifics about the issue. Even when we asked you to clarify you never gave a clear reply until the very end, you made it clear that the issue was that the pictures are not showing. How are we supposed to pinpoint the issue when all you are giving us is a vague statement "it looks like a scam"?

Anyways after a thorough check, our team was able to find the cause of the issue. We delivered you the answer to the first issue within 10 minutes and for the second issue in less than 2 hours.

We made it clear to you that the issue was not from our side or due to the app but in your theme and we gave you the technical reason to back our findings.

Our team checked the boxes issue,

While checking we found that the "picture not showing in boxes" issue is not caused by our app or any of our code, because our team checked by blocking our scripts from your theme, and still images were not loading.

For further technical information:
Images are loaded using the lazy sizes library, seems it's not available in the store. Which is causing the issue.

And we asked you to consult your theme developer on this issue. You read and responded to the messages.

And yet you posted this negative review in false claims knowing that the issue was not from our side.
It was mandatory that we address this because the review you gave, even if in the heat of the moment is 100% false and without reason.

For the merchants reading this, let me address your claims:

1. The app did not load on his page.

Ans: It was a minor theme incompatibility and we fixed it for you within ten minutes by changing the position of the widget.

2. Left code that caused massive issues when I went to uninstall.

Ans: As we already clarified the issue was not caused by our app. We explained it to you with technical evidence. We had also shared with you the brief instructions to remove the app completely from your store.

3. It does not boost your sales.

Ans: I think the 400+ reviews speak for themselves. And you have to think why the massive issue did not occur on any of their sites.

4. They took ages and literally made the problem worse.

Ans: You had 2 issues and one requirement, We addressed and solved the first issue in 10 minutes. The second issue was a bit tricky and even though related to your theme and not our app, we gave you the exact cause of the issue in less than two hours. If I'm not mistaken is a very good response time for a theme-related rare issue that is hard to figure out.🤷‍♂️

5. Nightmare app that will ruin your SEO.

Ans: Our app has nothing to do with SEO( Search engine optimization) Our Lightweight code feature makes sure that it does not affect the speed of the site. Nonetheless, Our app is not related to SEO whatsoever.

6. They will make you look like a SCAM.

Ans: No, we won't.😊

That being said, if you decide to use our app again we are always happy to help you when in need. We are more than happy to help your business grow like we are doing for thousands of merchants!

Hope this clears your misunderstanding.

If you are in need of any further assistance, no worries, please contact us at we are always happy to help😊 . Have a nice day!

24 marzo 2023

El servicio de asistencia ha sido bastante pésimo. Después de esperar varios dias y hablar con 4 asistentes diferentes no han podido darme una solución. Cada asistente me ha dado informaciones distintas, me han enviado tutoriales a seguir para después decirme que no era posible hacerlo... un desastre. No lo recomiendo

Un plan en mente
22 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
UFE - Upsell Funnel Engine ha risposto 25 marzo 2023

The issue emerged because custom-built pages are incompatible with UFE.

Pedimos disculpas por cualquier inconveniente que pueda haber experimentado mientras buscaba ayuda de nuestro equipo de soporte.
Después de revisar el asunto, identificamos que el tutorial que proporcionamos estaba destinado específicamente a todas las páginas excepto a las páginas personalizadas de Shopify, lo que puede haber causado confusión. Además, lamentamos cualquier falta de comunicación o falta de claridad que pueda haber ocurrido durante nuestra interacción con usted.
Además, entendemos que hubo un retraso en nuestra respuesta debido a la necesidad de colaboración y permiso para investigar el problema, y nos disculpamos por cualquier frustración que esto pueda haber causado. Posteriormente, nuestro equipo descubrió que la URL de la página que proporcionó era una página personalizada que podría no ser compatible con UFE.
Agradecemos sus comentarios y nos gustaría informarle que la integración con páginas personalizadas ya se encuentra en nuestra solicitud de función y definitivamente la consideraremos en nuestras próximas actualizaciones. Esperamos que esto proporcione una mejor experiencia para usted y otros clientes en el futuro.
En caso de consultas adicionales, contáctenos en o a través de nuestro chat en la aplicación. Siempre estamos encantados de ayudarle.

- Equipo de soporte de Helixo

9 agosto 2021

high price, poor quality, not up to expectations, nothing special. The price is not commensurate with the value received

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9 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
UFE - Upsell Funnel Engine ha risposto 10 agosto 2021

Please note, in the online world, it is practically impossible to avoid negative reviews. We had contacted Shopify regarding fraudulent reviews, and this is what they had to say. But we are graceful in admitting the mistake if it was our fault. But that is not the case here. This review seems fraudulent for the following reasons and to the merchants reading this we kindly ask you not to trust this review. TL;DR


While checking your account we could find the following data.

1. You made this review just after 10 days of installing our app. Now let me explain why that point is important.
Within 10 days of installing you got 15 impressions. It would result in an approximately 10% conversation rate. Anyone with experience in the e-commerce field would agree that that is an unreasonable expectation in such a short period of time. In fact, we have clearly explained this in our help desk article, how much time on average you should give for the app to show results.

That being said the time you had with our app is not enough to make such a statement that you have made.

2. So what made you drop an unreasonably biased negative opinion on our app in such a short time? Did you have a bad experience with our customer care services? No, you haven't contacted us even once in this time period.

Now about the pricing of the app. While checking your store has zero orders. Also, you had availed $19.99 Unlimited plan. There are cheaper plans for you if you have only less than 50 orders per month, you can either use our app for free with a watermark or use our app for $7.99 per month without a watermark if you have only less than 50 orders per month.

3. So, as you can see we have taken extra care to make sure that merchants of all financial spectrum can use our app to increase their conversion. So we would love to hear why you think our app is expensive since you voluntarily accepted the unlimited plan when there was a cheaper plan that would fit your purpose.

For the above-said reasons, we ask the customers who read this to kindly not trust this review and please try our app for yourselves to see the result.

- Sarah, Customer Support Advocate

29 luglio 2021

Please note that their app is not free, and the functions are not as described in the introduction, please be careful of such apps

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3 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
UFE - Upsell Funnel Engine ha risposto 30 luglio 2021

This review seems suspected to be a foul play by competitors. We are investigating more on it and will gather all relevant information and update it here and report it to Shopify partner team.

👉 For New Merchants reading this: Install the app and try it to see the results, if you need help, don't hesitate to ask us, we will go beyond to satisfy your requirements to increase the sales.

27 novembre 2019

The only problem with this apps is that when your customer click on the 'Add To Cart' Button, your Facebook pixel won't be able to triggered and recorded any ATC event. The first day after I use the apps, I have zero ATC. I hope the developer able to fix this. Anyway this is a good upsell apps if the above issue able to resolve. Thank you.

2 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
UFE - Upsell Funnel Engine ha risposto 17 agosto 2020

Hello Frrayman Ang,

Thank you for sharing your feedback! 😊

This is a response to merchants who is reading this. There was a pixel issue and it was fixed immediately on November 28th. 🎉

As an extremely small team, we had some issues in our app on initial release and we usually fix any issues immediately whenever the merchant reports us, and we're very grateful that we've fixed all of those issues and introduced many incomparable features since launch. 🥳

As we all know that, even in big company apps have bugs, but how do we handle/react it matters. We usually fix any issues that merchants report within 24hrs of time.

We took almost 9 months to reply to this review (Issue was fixed 9 months back). We reached out multiple times with Frrayman Ang, he is an awesome guy and at last, he responded to our mail and told us that he will test it again, but unfortunately, he might be busy with his business.

Thanks again Frrayman Ang, and I would like to apologize again for the issue caused.

Valsaraj | Founder
Upsell Funnel Engine