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8 oktober 2020

This app just broke my store. I delete it from apps, but it does not remove files or codes from the theme.
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Propel Commerce heeft geantwoord 8 oktober 2020

Hi there, sorry to hear you ran in to some issues. To remove our app from your theme, simply use the "Uninstall" button in the main menu of the app. Apps lose access to your theme when you delete them and so automatic uninstall needs to happen before you delete the app.

We'd be happy to help you resolve this. It appears you haven't yet contacted our support for assistance. Please contact our friendly support staff at, and we'll be happy to help.

18 maart 2021

PLEASE READ!!! I have been building Shopify stores for the past three years and this is by far the WORST app I have ever used. The upsell portion of this app is full of errors. The upsell app allows customers to take the original item that out of their cart and STILL get the UPSELL product discounted or FREE. I almost lost $13,000 in product today because of this. There is a new small check box in the settings that you have to MANUALLY apply to prevent this. Take it from an expert - I recommend staying FAR away from this app

Hexclad Cookware
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Propel Commerce heeft geantwoord 18 maart 2021

Hi there - we're sorry to hear about what happened, however we must correct some inaccuracies in this review. Bundle Enforcer is not a new feature nor is it hidden. It's an entire section near the top of the Settings page and was added in late 2019. As our support agents have mentioned, simply enable Bundle Enforcer to prevent similar situations in the future.

23 maart 2020

Nightmare! I installed the Free plan (1 offer limit) on Debut theme and created one BOGO offer, as they say I could. Always problems and bugs, we exchanged over 10 emails, when they were fixing something, something else was bugging. Finally they came with an email saying that "Our discounted upsells are only available for paid plans :)" and when I told them that BOGO offer is on their list they send me another email saying "Our app doesn't yet have that feature". Very-very buggy app and worse: totally unprofessional business behaviour. Wasted time for me.
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Propel Commerce heeft geantwoord 24 maart 2020

I'm so sorry that our support staff didn't convey to you sooner that discounted upsells are only available on paid plans. The pricing plans listed on the app store page do mention that discounted offers are a paid feature, however I know that's easy to miss. Upsell Now can do BOGO, however you'd need to be on a paid plan to access that.

24 januari 2020

I tried to use this app for 3 days, It was completely useless, the offers I set up were not showing on my site. The support was very limited and the only way was by email with answers once every 24hrs, Way to slow of a response when you have a business to run.

Super Cooling Towels
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Propel Commerce heeft geantwoord 24 januari 2020

Hi there - sorry to hear about the difficulties. Upsell Now works with most, but not all, themes. It looks like your shop may have been one of those our app is unfortunately not compatible with.

If you'd like to give it another try, we'll be happy to elevate your ticket to one of our developers to confirm whether or not it's compatible with your site.

Finally, regarding email response time, Robert responded to several of your emails within an hour of you sending them :) We're sorry though that we weren't able to identify / resolve the issue.

23 juli 2019

This app made me uninstall my current upsell app because it said that the current app is interfering. However after uninstalling, the support came forth and said that their app still does not work with the other apps in my store. I understand that it is new and it's free, but if that's the level of support I will receive; I rather pay for something that works.

Heads up everyone, this app is not to be installed. At least until they have figured out what they can do to work with other apps in your store. So basically now I have to install my previous app and set it up all over again.

Cheers, if there is negative stars. I would give it. Not for the app, but for the thrash support it gives.

Cosmos Beauty
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Propel Commerce heeft geantwoord 23 juli 2019

Our support team invested considerable time and effort debugging your ticket. Unfortunately your shop simply had too many conflicting apps installed.

Our support team does their best, but they're not miracle workers, and as a free app, we simply don't have the resources to resolve all the conflicts in your site.

Hopefully you'll have better luck with either a paid app or hiring a developer to assist with the issues in your site.

Bewerkt 10 augustus 2019

I actually came back here to update my review. They make you fill everything in and then when you notice it's not applied to your store you got looking and see a disclaimer saying:

''Upsell Now uses Shopify’s draft orders feature to give discounts on upsell items. Draft orders in Shopify do not yet support discount codes. If a shopper is receiving an upsell offer discount, they won’t be able to use discount codes at checkout.''

So there's no point don't waste your time like I did.

OB Merchants
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Propel Commerce heeft geantwoord 11 augustus 2019

Hi there,

Sorry to hear you're having difficulties. As our 100+ reviews clearly show, Upsell Now absolutely integrates with Shopify ;)

Looking at your shop's code, it appears you have other upsell apps installed that are known to interfere with Upsell now.

If your offers aren't appearing, simply contact our friendly support staff at, and we'll be happy to see if we can get our app working with your theme.

If you decide to use our discounted upsells feature, Upsell Now uses Shopify's Draft Orders feature which is the BEST way in Shopify to do discounts. The inability to support discount codes is a limitation in Shopify's draft orders feature - not a limitation in Upsell Now.

5 juli 2019

Unfortunately I uninstalled the app by deleting it and it still showed up on my end, so I had to call shopify and they had to go through all of this special type of coding and finally I told them that I thought it was this app and they found it and deleted it. This app manipulates coding on your theme and could cause trouble. I tested the app, so my upsell, pop up background was black and when I checked out, it popped up and appeared as if I was trying to trick people into adding something to their cart without them being able to see what it was. I started not to say anything but I could have been in the middle of a campaign and this happened. The problem that I had with the app is that I deleted it but it STILL showed up on my end while I was doing a test checkout and the pop-up was incomplete because I couldn't get it to work right. So, that incomplete, pitch black pop up would have showed up to customers, but all the time, I would have been thinking that it was deleted. I wouldn't want that to happen to you like it did me. It may be a good app though. I don't know. I'm afraid to give it another try. You be the judge.

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Propel Commerce heeft geantwoord 7 juli 2019

Upsell Now has a convenient "Uninstall" button in the Settings tab of the app that safely removes our code from your theme.

Unfortunately Shopify apps cannot edit your theme / remove their code after you delete them, so this button needs to be clicked before deleting the app.

Sorry to see you didn't contact our support for help before leaving your 1-star review on a free app. We would have been happy to help clear this up for you.

We even have an Uninstall page on our help desk with further details on this ( Not sure what else we can do... :(

14 augustus 2019

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Ivy Lite
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Propel Commerce heeft geantwoord 14 augustus 2019

You've left a one star review on a free app without providing any feedback.

Did you need help with the app? If you're in need of assistance, please contact our support staff at

11 juni 2019

I deleted it but it was not uninstalled. The pop-up is frustrating visitors. I would stay away from this app.

Feelin' Radical
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Propel Commerce heeft geantwoord 12 juni 2019

Upsell Now's purpose is to display upsell pop-ups to help merchants like you increase average order value. Hopefully you were expecting the pop-ups when you installed the app :D

As a brand new free app, if you have feedback on how we can improve the pop-ups, we'd love to hear from you! Simply email with your ideas.

Finally, to uninstall the app, simply click the easy-to-use Uninstall button in the Settings tab of the app. That will take care of code removal for you. Unfortunately, in Shopify, apps cannot edit your theme once you delete them from the Apps page in Shopify.