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Bewerkt 20 januari 2021

We used another expensive app, but i found this app free. We use it for our subdomains. It works nice.

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3 dagen gebruiken de app
12 april 2021

By far the best app (even among paid ones) available on Shopify app store. Took a couple of minutes to set up and is working really well. The error messages support HTML tags and it works really well. Hope it stays free forever.

15 minuten gebruiken de app
5 juni 2021

i installed the app and the code but it doesent work... sorry but i cant give only 1 star if its not working.

Ongeveer 2 uur gebruiken de app
KILATECH heeft geantwoord 5 juni 2021

Sorry for not being able to help you with your requirements.

We cannot block visitors even before visiting your website. Simply because we don't have access to handle Shopify backend or hosting.

Therefore, visitors must visit the site so that we can detect the location and the IP by our script and take necessary action based on the results. Since the initial visit is inevitable, your Google Analytics will still catch that initial visit.