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Pay attention to compatible applications.
Our store is based on ZAPIET, at the beginning the application was present on their partner site, overnight, they removed it. As a result, no more customers can order.
for months we have been asking them to solve the problem, in the end they said to me: we do not have enough resources to solve your problem.
We had been a customer for years, and in the end, we lost a lot of money from the lack of sales!!! Too bad, Vajro was excellent for a while... now nothing works!

I do not recommend this app. I have had nothing but problems with this app. I am always contacting support and they answer with "please be patient while we work on this issue" "I'm afraid, we cannot promise you a timeline on when this will be fixed" They never fix the issue and just keep telling you they are working on it. They have been working on an issue I have for a year and its still not fixed. Currently looking for a replacement because this has been nothing but disappointment.

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They do as much as they can to elicit a 5 star review, and this is before they complete any task, that should be a red flag. They do more in the form of requesting and demanding a 5 star review than actually providing 5 star service. They do as little as possible to take a Shopify store and put it into a poorly designed and even worse supported app. That said, there is clearly a product platform that could be run properly, for reasons that escape me, it isn't.

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Vajro isn’t providing accurate support. There app hasn’t worked in months and they aren’t addressing the error by fixing it. Instead they require me to install another app which I have to pay for. A zip code validator app. Their app should work without it. I also spent thousands on ads and no checkout orders as a result of a zip code validator which is mandatory and doesn’t work by default.

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UPDATED REVIEW: let me simplify my latest review in a few words: I ask for the service to be downgraded or cancelled, instead the use "reviewing for a possible discount" as an excuse to charge me in full for a plan i didnt want anymore, i can deal with poor customer service and tech issues, but when you start doing stuff like this, you definitely deserve one start rating, because when you start a business last thing you want to do is to deal with stuff like this. i had spoke in the past about how the "highlight" features that their service does not include and end up being other apps to you know only have to add but also pay for the premium so they can integrate properly, or their poor customer service, but once you start taking my money without my permission, that's just bad professional ethic. save yourself money and time and don't use this app, save money and pay someone to develop an app for you from your website, you will thank me for that advised.


Started with Vajro with great level of expectations and it did start well. But, beware of trouble if your store has SKU variants. Hard to believe, but it did happen to our store. We have a product which has 10 variants. Vajro shows 100 variants (that is 10 times the number of actual variants) to customer. Unable to believe that this basic cataloging configuration is not being displayed properly in mobile apps. Clearly a glitch and the team is hell bent in not understanding it even after sharing proof. Stay away if you have SKU variants. App is good if you do not need to display and give options to customers with variants such as color, size options

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I downloaded this app and did the trial for 60 days, uninstalled and canceled my subscription after the trial period. Yet here I am almost a year later still getting charged $99. There's no number, email or customer service listed. Almost 1K they have been taking from me that an I'm not even using and a cancel subscription

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Vajro Incが返信しました 2022年3月12日

Hi Johnetta,

We checked our logs and there was no record of cancellation from your side. You can check this with the Shopify team if you wish to. If you check your Shopify dashboard, you'll still find Vajro as a sales channel.

Nevertheless, since you have not used Vajro all this while, we WILL refund the entire amount. We've processed it and the money will hit your bank in a few days.

We've sent you a detailed email regarding this. Feel free to reach out to our support (you'll find this in the marketplace listing page as well as inside our app) if you have any questions or need any clarifications. We'll be there to help.



Very quick and easy method. Most impressive portion was the immediate zoom call as I would have been lost on my own. UPDATE: Beware during your onboarding process they have you set your button to the highest platform which is $399. I shared I didn't want that one but I was told that It was just to view all the features. Well guess what?! They charged me the $399!! Upset! So I contacted them and was told I couldn't get a refund, Then when I pressed for a refund of the $300 for the amount I did want of $99 I was told ok. She instructed me how to change my plan. Then when I changed it she offered me a credit. Upset again! Then someone comes in the chat and tells me that they were sorry I would have the refund in 24 hours. Well its now over a week later and they are telling me I will have it in 24-48 hours yet again. I've now shared I was updating my review and contacting me bank if I don't have my refund ASAP. This is very disappointing. I'm tempted to delete the entire account as this is NOT OK!


I am updating my review. I am HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED with this app. Initially, all went very well and was very fast. My apps were ready in about a week. When I did testing on the IOS app, the OTP code for people to register wasn't working. I reported this on April 8th and was told it would be looked in to. Fast forward to the following week. I didn't hear anything from them so I asked for an update. I was told the team was working on it, it would be escalated...yada, yada, yada. I had to push back my Mother's Day launch and rearrange alot of other things that cost me money. On April 18th I was asked to give them until the 26th for everything to be working. I reached out on April 23rd about a separate issue and the agent told me the app was working. I asked if she was sure because I hadn't been contacted and it still wasn't working on my end. She then told me "Oh yes, we asked that you patiently give us until the 26th." So here it is, the 26th and I'm getting the same canned responses I've been getting. It just doesn't make sense that there has been NO CHANGE in it since April 8th. I even asked if they could just disable the OTP for the phone field so my customers could use their email address to register. Again, I got the same response..."Our team is working on your issue as a high priority and you'll be notified with an update." I really wanted to use this app, as it seems to have everything I need. But at this point, how much longer am I supposed to wait? It has really halted my business launch. I wish I could give it a negative star.

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Super disappointing... After downloading the App, I had questions regarding the Android version, so I typed a pretty lengthly message via their chat feature. Only to get an auto-bot response, saying their office is closed & someone will email me back the following biz day. (It's ONLY 7pm, CST mind you!) Frustrating as a small biz owner, not having time during the day to spend on this part of my biz, so early evenings are super important! Deleting this app now & will continue with my Tapcart App that I'm just as unhappy with! Surely theres an App co out there that actually WORK later hours for us small business owners!

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