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Vajro ‑ Mobile App Builder , 1,709件のレビュー

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UPDATE 2/28 - Started out great, but the amount of glitches and issues is just ridiculous. I get weekly (sometimes daily) complaints from customers about not being able to check out, app not working, etc. When I message support I get the SAME response "We will push an update and let you know"...some several days (or weeks later) I get a response about an update and it should be fixed, usually it's not but they say it is. I am apart of The Boutique Hub and there are several threads with others having the same issues and frustration with their app and support. I have been requesting my JKS files since last week and they just want to ask why I want them (only one reason I would, but they also belong to me so reason shouldn't be necessary) and now they chat me daily to make sure I'm doing okay, which annoys me even more because clearly I am done with this service and moving on. Not sure what happened to their support, it was once great but for the cost of this service and the amount of on going issues - I've just had enough. I recently set up an app through a competitor & ended up switching to Vajro. There's so many great functions included that just can't be beat... - Easy set up...I LOVE how it syncs your website quickly & easily. One button updates new collections to the menu so it's easy to keep in sync with website. Design was super easy to set up as well. -Push notifications are easy to send and schedule. With the other company I was having issues with notifications that couldn't be seen on the homescreen of phones AND there was no way to review sent notifications in the app - this is so important and vajro offers it!! People can easily go back to the notifications in the menu to review any they missed - Customer service is quick to respond Overall, I would say Vajro is up to date and always making improvements. Highly recommend.

The Cinchy Cowgirl

Vajro Application doesn’t have the feature of control multiple language. Our case English and Arabic is the main Language, and I can’t control Arabic Language. If i need to add any text, then needs to wait 2 days to 4 days.
And one small text i need to add "Deal of the Day' in Arabic took almost one month.
• Adding text for Arabic is impossible for the users
• Not possible to upload multiple Language Banners. Disappointed.


This app has a lot of potential to be one of the best on the app store. My sales have increase, but I have also had to refund over $35,000 worth of food. They promise that they integrate with other apps, but THEY NEVER WORK PROPERLY. It took over 6 months for them to try fixing an issue and they never did. Their Store pick-up and delivery by zapiet integration does not work and it has hurt my business and reputation severely. The Tidio integration also does not work. Every time I ask what's going on, they tell me to wait 1-4 weeks. I have had to constantly reach out to them for updates. Again, this app has a lot of potential if it works properly, but as of now it does not meet all of my needs and it has caused me to lose too much money.

Black & Mobile

I started with Vajro a couple of months back and initially I was been told the app will be ready within 2 weeks. It has been 6 weeks now and the app is not completely ready! All this is because of the support team!!
The support team is very slow in responding with any query. They ask for 30 mins to get back and then get's back after 2-3 days and sometimes a week. I asked a few of their existing clients and they are experiencing similar issue with Vajro support team.
Very slow and there are so many limitations for app customization.

Pro Sports