Variable Products

Variable Products

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Show variants on collection pages in any combinations

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Variants on collection page

Display variants instead of products on collection pages. No need to copy product info. Show ONLY VARIANTS with important options

Show right product picture

Show an appropriate variant depending on collection. Change the displayed product image according to collection

Filter by conditions

Use conditions to show variants with specified option values. Variable shows these variants on collection pages just as products

Sobre Variable Products

Variable app makes it possible to split up products and show variants as separate products on collection pages. The app allows you to display the right product image, depending on the collection page, and set up a relevant title for each variation. No need to create tons of products!

Our app integrates with your store's theme completely, so variants will show up exactly as products

No coding required

Flexible configuration

You can configure which variations you want to show on collection pages. Simply select varying product options, and the app will display only variants with unique values in these options

For example, you have a product in different colors. The app can display all of these color variants on collection pages. You can show variants as separate products with a unique image. Also, the app allows you to ignore options like size, weight, and display the first available color variant

Variants on collection pages

Variable Products make it possible to set the collection that shows all the pictures in a specific color or any other option. Using conditions, you can filter variants on collections. E.g. show variants in blue

The app shows variants as products according to collection

Variants table

Variable table in live mode displays all variants with status(shown or hidden), displayed title, quantity, availability for purchase. Before saving a new configuration, you can safely make sure that no variants are missed

Custom title for variants

The app enables you to add variants to collection pages and change the displayed title of each variation, or set up your pattern of variants naming. Name variants using the combination of different product fields. Such as vendor, product type, variant SKU, option values.

Automatically hide unavailable variants

It's possible to automatically hide all of your unavailable variants on collection pages, and show the appropriate ones instead. After variants back in stock, they will be shown immediately. Autohide variants feature also can hide variations that quantity less than specified

Mix variants

You can change the order of variants on collections, and mix product variants amongst other products

Variants popularity

Variable app helps you track the most popular product variations. You can analyze conversion by grouping visits by variant, product, vendor, or product type.

Add to cart

Variable provides the opportunity for your customers to add variants to cart directly from the collection page, without reloading the page. Buyers can select missing options (for instance, size, weight) or specify variant quantity while continuing to scroll through the collection page

In conclusion, the app provides the opportunity to show variants on collection pages in any variations and any quantity

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  • Variants on collections

  • Displaying variants by options

  • Custom title for variants

  • Add variant to cart

  • Hide unavailable variants

  • Email support



  • Filter variants using collection conditions

  • Top variants tracker

  • Mix variants

  • + All from the Standard Plan

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4.8 de 5 estrelas

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Wow - Thank you! I have been looking for an app to display variants on my collection pages with added grouping features so I could select certain variants and this did it extremely well and was simple. I love organization and this made my life a little easier on shopify now - thank you.

Land of Belle Dev

Don't bother looking for another app. This is truly the most robust solution for managing how your variants display in collection pages. It's super simple to use and the development team behind it is incredibly responsive and helpful. If you're unsure about how it will integrate with other apps you're using, activate the trial and reach out! They'll be quick to help.

Po Campo

This app was perfect for putting collections together of certain colors and adding certain variants to the sales section. Great customer service too!