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I needed an incredibly simple text box for customers to enter a note attached to each purchase. It needs to be a required step prior to check out, so a regular form not associated with a specific purchase did not work. This App works for my purpose. The app needs a date field, ability to format text, and size the text box.

Relentless Appsが返信しました 2020年9月23日

Thank you for the feedback. We plan on adding a date field when we have more time to develop this.

You can edit the size of the text box with code.

Email us back and let us know if we can help you with this.

Thank you,


en cours de résolution, je modifierais la note une fois le problème résolu, merci de votre assistance

Mon Cadeau D'Amour
Relentless Appsが返信しました 2020年8月26日

We helped solve all the issues you had.

Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.

Thank you,
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Hi, i like this app however my price ad-ons show in the cart but not at checkout. I am losing sales and customers. please help if you can

Relentless Appsが返信しました 2021年5月20日

Hi Shahzad, it looks like the fix we gave you is working.

Please let me know that everything is working or if you need any more help.

Have a great day,

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I used this app to sell prescription glasses. After having all the logistics set up I am finding we are having trouble converting shoppers into buyers. I would like to add some information at the checkout page for my customers but there is no way to do this. Because it uses draft orders you are limited in several typical Shopify features such as customizing the check-out or using discount codes (unless you purchase an additional app).
We also found that customers are not able to go back into their order/cart at a later time and make adjustments without starting the process over. I did contact the developer via Shopify and told it is not possible once again due to the system of using draft orders. The product has potential, but the fact that my customers do not progress past the cart page and I have no way of providing an encouraging message is frustrating.

Second Specs
Relentless Appsが返信しました 2021年3月10日

Sorry our app isn't a good fit for you. We are working within the limitations of Shopify trying to make the best app for all our customers.

Apps like Infinite Product Options, 100+ Variants &Product Options, and Product Options Variant Option all use draft orders and have the same issue as our app. Other apps like Bold Product Option use a different system but create hundreds of products in the backend of your store which is very messy.

Our app only works on the product page like all product options apps. It sounds like you are looking for a different app to display information on the cart page to convert your customers.

If you would like to uninstall our app and try a different app we would be happy to give you a refund.

- Jon
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What I like about the app is basically the design of all the options you can choose, it just looks nice. The price is quite fair for what the app accomplishes. What I hate about it is the fact that you need an additional addon to be able to enable discount codes. Also that you need to dublicate all products for a modification insteat of simply applying the settings to a collection and getting a good overview.
Also that it's not linked to actuall products like bold does, it completely kills simple product cost calculation this way.
Also that you can not use Javascript within the options to target the products directly and keep everything close together.

Relentless Appsが返信しました 2021年7月13日

Thank you for your review. We're aware of these limitations. We had to make some tough design decisions that would help as many merchants as possible. A lot of them are workarounds for missing features in Shopify's API.

Better group sets for controlling multiple products is one of our planned upgrades for the future.

We're going to keep on making our app better as Shopify's API allows.

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Works/looks great on the Customer end.

However, through the back end, there is not an option to add a SKU number for a variant. Also if a variant is purchased, since it "doesn't require shipping," it doesn't transfer over into ShipStation and the order comes in as the Standard product.

Street Aero
Relentless Appsが返信しました 2023年9月28日

Hi Bryce. I sent you an email about how to fix the Shipstation problem by making our app's options have required shipping. Let me know and I can add the code for you.

Unfortunately, our app doesn't have options for SKU's. This is something that only a few apps have. I sent you an email with some app suggestions for apps that have this.

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I really liked this app, it's best if you are using this app by itself. I tried to use this app with another app and both wouldn't work together. it was then explained that only one app can be used to control the checkout process at a time. Well that's unfortunate, I would prefer to be able 2 use 2 apps at a time when it comes down to the check out process. I wanted my customers to be able to choose their customized options with this app, yet still be in a vip program with their own rewards from another app and I couldn't do both. if they can figure out how I can do both, I would gladly pay monthly again for both apps.
Relentless Appsが返信しました 2021年1月26日

I am sorry the app didn't fit your needs. For our price add-ons feature to work it needs to take over the checkout process. Other apps like the one you have also need to take over the checkout process and that's why they aren't compatible. Sorry about that.

If there is anything else we can help you with please let me know.

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This app does extend product options capabilities and once you configure it gives you a nice user experience. Just a few flaws listed below. Sku's are not of a concern for the app. If you customize a product then add new variants in shopify. It gets buggy. The interface is for searching and finding products is not amazing.

Relentless Appsが返信しました 2022年8月11日

Hi Trey, I just emailed you to look into your issues and I am waiting to hear back from you.

Here is a little more information about your issues:

We use Shopify's built-in search API. You shouldn't have any issues searching and finding products.

Alternatively, you can search for the product inside of Shopify and edit it in our app from there. Here are some more detailed instructions.

I am not sure what you mean by " If you customize a product then add new variants in Shopify". If you can email me back we would be happy to look into this.

Sorry, our app doesn't have the ability to add SKU's to our virtual option. This is on our roadmap for future updates but it might be a while until we are able to get to this. If this is something important for you, I suggest going with an app that already has this functionality built-in.

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I love all the features, but hate the fact that it comes above my item tekst. -I have several colours, material and other add ons, so my sales tekst are placed SO low on the page, that I cannot really create that "Point of sale" HUGE disadvantage :(

Wrapped Jewels
Relentless Appsが返信しました 2021年9月29日

Hi ​Merete, thank you for the compliment on our features. We worked very hard to make an app we are proud of :)

It sounded like from our emails you were able to find a solution for this.

I suggest adding the description text to an instruction product option in our app so the text doesn't display in the cart and checkout.

Email me back if you need any more help or have any more questions

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This is a great options app. Very simple and straightforward. The only problem is, it didn't play well with our theme. Apparently, there's a known glitch with this app on some themes. Here's what occurs... The price for an option will display correctly on the product page, but then the price will zero out as soon as the item gets added to the cart. The developer sent me some code to add to our store (much appreciated), but it failed to sort out the problem. Sadly I can't use this app in its current state.
Relentless Appsが返信しました 2020年11月17日

Thank you for your kind words about our app. I am sorry the app didn't work properly for you.

With hundreds of themes and thousands of apps there are endless possible compatibility problems. We are constantly improving our app to fix any problems that come up.

I emailed you back to try and fix this issue but I never heard back from you.

Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you in the future.

- Jon
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