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7 september 2023

Jon and Martin went way above and beyond to help out. I was really impressed and the product is just what I need.

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25 oktober 2023

Good app and if you got any problem the support is active

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27 augustus 2023

its a nice app, you can do a lot with it, but the custumer services could be better, snt a email 4 days ago and no answer , im having a hard time with my products pictures ( every time you open one product you can only click in 2 photos after that the privius photo freeze and u cant do anythink else

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Relentless Apps heeft geantwoord 29 augustus 2023

Hi Guilherme I emailed you back on your last email and requested access to your store.

We have sent out multiple emails requesting more information and access but haven't heard back from you. Try checking your spam folder.

Update: we fixed your issue a week ago. Let me know if you need any more help.

Relentless Apps

29 juni 2023

Wow wow wow ! Where do I start ?
I was in complete distress considering my entire business is ran off customization of products !
I contacted the apps contact email, not truly expecting a quick response, or even a response at all… not only did I get a FAST RESPONSE but they agent helping me figured out and FIXED my entire problem ASAP ! I did nothing and the agent did everything after I allowed access to my store ! Thank you so so so much for assisting me and treating my business as your own. I recommended this app to everyone and it is definitely worth the price ! Inexpensive to say the least !

Do not hesitate to download and use this app ! Thank you again

- Diana

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27 juli 2023

This is my go-to app when I need multiple variant selectors for my Shopify store. Not only do I love the functionality of the app and product option layout, but the people behind the app are always patient, helpful, and proactive when you face a problem or ask questions. I highly recommend it!

Pet Cartoon Dream
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2 oktober 2023

Does exactly what I need and when I thought it didn't customer support emailed me back within 5 minutes to show me that it actually DID do that as well!

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Bewerkt 6 oktober 2023

great app and great customer service

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17 juli 2023

After years of having this app at 9.99 I noticed my add ons not working. I was then told I needed to upgrade! Like what??
You are thieves - no prior notification. I chose a plan and get told I need to upgrade when nothing has changed from my side?
I do not recommend

Headboards For Africa
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Relentless Apps heeft geantwoord 19 juli 2023

Hi Cheryl, I'm sorry there was a little confusion on what plan you had to be on for price add-ons to work. We try our best to clearly communicate that price add-ons are only available on the Advanced Plan. From day one we have had this information clearly stated on the app listing and plans page in our app.

I also see you emailed us 3 years ago that price add-ons weren't working. We replied stating you needed to be on the Advanced Plan for price add-ons to work. After that, I see you were on the Advanced Plan for 2 years. Several months ago you downgraded the app again and sent an email about the same issue. We replied again stating the price add-ons are only available in the Advanced Plan.

We are just a two-person company trying to make the best apps possible with the best customer service.

If you think there is another place where we could have this information please email me back and let me know.

30 juni 2023

I was searching for a variant app and was referred to Variant Option, it will completely transformed my online store as I am able to offer customers more customized options. This app it's a game-changer! It offers a bunch of awesome features that will make my store way more efficient and profitable.
I can easily add different options to my products, and the best part? It's super easy to use, and whenever I've had a question or issue, which has been a number of them since I'm not that tech savvy and tend to overthink, their support team has been incredibly helpful and response time was excellent!
If you're a Shopify store owner looking to take your business to the next level, and offer more product options, you've got to check out Variant Option Product—it's worth a try!

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20 juni 2023

My store relies on this app as we have hundreds of variations to our product lines. Using this app made uploading smooth and painless. When I had an issue with the app, I contacted Jon who immediately got is technical expert, Martin to look into my case. By the next morning all my issues were resolved! Highly recommend this app for adding extra product options to your site!

Rhino Salon Mats
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