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4 maggio 2023

The app not working at all i tried on booster theme also on streamline she work only on demo try theme when you publish the theme the product page affected by starapps studio not showing when i asked support app they told me its from html theme issue doesn’t make sense at all even when i changed with streamline theme or impulse same problem product page showing error when i back to support team he suggest me choose default template theme on product page everything gonna work fine and the setup guide says you need to choose starapps on product page to integrate where ever i don’t suggest using this apps specially its paid version

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StarApps Studio ha risposto 5 maggio 2023

Dear Issam,

We truly appreciate your feedback and are sorry to hear about the difficulties you've experienced lately. We understand how frustrating it can be when things don't work as expected, and we want to do everything we can to support you in resolving this issue.

It appears that the problem stems from a liquid template error within your product page, rather than an issue with our app itself. Our app relies on a functional product page template to effectively display product options as swatches, and it seems that some errors in the template are preventing this from happening.

We are committed to providing you with the best possible assistance, and we kindly ask that you re-install the app to allow our expert team to work closely with you in addressing the template issue. Rest assured, we will do everything in our power to resolve this problem as soon as possible.

We truly value your patience and understanding, and we look forward to your response. Together, we can ensure that you have a smooth and satisfying experience with our app.

Warm regards,

StarApps Studio

14 novembre 2022

IF you live on the East Coast stay away from this app! I couldnt get my questions answered or the app even set up due to no support. They offer a messenger option for support but they reply off hours as I assume they are the opposite of Easter Standar time. I could not upload swatches or get anything set up due to no live support agents to help you thought the set up process.

Black Dog Testing Site
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30 marzo 2023

We are having HUGE issues with a recent update that Swatch King have done and the support is ignoring our request for assistance. This has impacted our store in a huge way across metafields and SEO data. We would appreciate it if someone could reach out urgently.

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Circa 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
25 giugno 2023

After installing the app, I encountered some issues with my store. I tried to contact support but was informed that they do not work on weekends. This is a poor level of support.

Tuxedo Action
1 giorno di utilizzo dell’app
26 settembre 2022

charges you even after cancelling. i have been charged 3 more times since cancelling my plan. currently trying to make sure im not billed againg but i have no access to any billing page from the atm

Bad Astronaut
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8 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
24 marzo 2022

I am having problems with their Variants description app and swatch app and sent them numerous emails asking for help but they would simply ignore you. Have been trying for a month to get help and subscribed to their apps for more than a year. NO SUPPORT AT ALL!
Not sure if they are still in business.

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27 gennaio 2022

When i saw the reviews i really thought that this will help with the variants but instead was a really headache. There is no video (docs) for this app. hard to follow up and you can not customize more likely it takes all the info from what you have and you cant even change the images for the variants and the colors. it is like you got stuck on it. Also, my theme got messed up by the way... in the end this got more expensive. Now i have to find help to fix this problem

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StarApps Studio ha risposto 7 febbraio 2022

Hey Rosemary,

We are quite unhappy to see you go, and we'd genuinely like to apologise for the inconvenience caused.

We have tried reaching out to multiple times (d***n***s** over the last few days but we haven't  received any response. We offer support via chat and email and our executives are  available from 8AM-12AM IST to answer your queries and assist you with the app setup.

That said our apps are build with utmost care  so as to not mess up with  theme functionality, we would request you to give us an opportunity to have a look at the issue and fix it so that you dont have to bear any additional cost.

And we take pride in our reviews as they speak for the kind service and product we deliver to our merchants.
We want you to give us another chance and I assure you that we will not let you down. I would request you to please download the app again and let us assist you with your store setup.

Eagerly waiting to see our app installed in your store.
Shreya Pillai
Customer Success Specialist

16 agosto 2020

I deleted this app as I started Turbo Theme and I did not need it anymore, there was a code left behind which kind of f'd up my product page. I am not sure why these apps leave behind a code when I delete them. Idiots wasted a day of mine, I had to delete everything & redo my page.

20 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
StarApps Studio ha risposto 19 agosto 2020

Hi Deepak,

We tried to reach you multiple times over email in the past few days but haven't received any response. Let us assure you that we build our apps with utmost care to make sure it doesn't affect your store even when you uninstall it.

To give you the bigger picture, it's a limitation of Shopify, that apps can't perform any action when you uninstall them, and we know that Shopify is working hard to find a solution for this. All responsible app developers ensure that the code which they are unable to remove from the merchant store doesn't create any error.

In addition, you will find the uninstallation instructions in the app and you can always reach out to the app developer for further help.

Looking forward to your revert, to understand the error you had faced in further detail.

Shubham Vats
Merchant Success Manager, StarApps Studio

1 dicembre 2021

Not sure how it works on other themes but if your theme is custom made or is modified this app will completely mess up your product page and checkout system. It leaves some code behind on ALL your themes not just the one it is installed in. Lost days of sales because of this bug.

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StarApps Studio ha risposto 11 gennaio 2022

Hey Eric!

We're sorry to see you go and apologize for any inconvenience caused.
We tried to reach you multiple times over email (e***.l**e*o* in the past few days but haven't received any response. Let us assure you that we build our apps with utmost care to make sure it doesn't affect your store even when you uninstall it.
The app works seamlessly on all themes may it be Shopify, third-party, or highly customized themes. That said if something goes wrong(highly unlikely!), with a few tweaks it can be fixed in a jiffy.
We would request you to please give us another chance to serve you and have you onboard again.

Eagerly waiting to see our app installed in your store.
Shreya Pillai
Customer Success Specialist

11 dicembre 2020

The app does not perform as described. It has multiple issues with showing the wrong colors and even worse is when you disable the app the wrong color variants do not go away. Highly misguided app and should be taken off the app store to protect other shop owners.

Persona Cosmetics
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