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25 gennaio 2018

Veeqo has made creating shipping labels in Royal Mail a dream; if you've ever had to log into RM's website to generate orders, you'll know how horrible it is.

Veeqo has done a lot of work to make this simple!

Keeping track of out of stock products within a kit is difficult, because of the caching.

However, the support we get from the team is second to none. Always there through email, phone or live chat support.

Really looking forward to the pending Purchase Order updates too!

Denbigh Army Surplus
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27 marzo 2023

I've used the software for over 2 years. The software is very strong for inventory management, and it connects very well with Amazon stores globally. Reporting is great too.

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9 ottobre 2015

The royal mail integration is good - and multichannel sales management and shipping generally works well. The bad - we find some of the UX a bit slow and buggy and it could do with a bit of an overhaul. Reporting is particularly weak too - better dashboards and some improved basic sales reporting would be great. A few more courier integrations wouldn't go amiss either. Overall though it's just about the best of these kinds of products: Linnworks is definitely overkill for us and a lot of the other inventory management tools are very US-centric and don't have many UK courier integrations.

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21 giugno 2017

It absolutely fulfills our needs. In the beginning we had little trouble with setting up. But since the support is always available we do not have to complain anymore!

Oltre 3 anni di utilizzo dell’app
23 gennaio 2017

We've been using Veeqo for about 18 months and find it an excellent inventory software. We have quite a complicated inventory and Veeqo were very helpful in helping us organise it to suit our needs. We researched many different softwares and Veeqo ticked nearly all the boxes of what we need. Their support is excellent and it helps for us that they are UK based. We have used a few different inventory softwares over the years and Veeqo has been the best, they are also working on their reporting capabilities, so we are looking forward to that. I have given them 4 stars, but once they improve their reporting, they would get 5 stars from us.

Ethical Shop 2
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30 marzo 2023

Very easy to use however the search bar in the order section can be a little temperamental.
Adding stock is super easy to keep on top of

Jacks Pet and Country
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Circa 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
30 marzo 2023

We use this to pick and pack our orders across numerous stores and it's made us a lot more efficient and has helped an awful lot. We have found there are quite a few bugs but the support team is really friendly, quick at replying and keen to help. Progress is continually being made and they are improving at a rapid rate. Best of all it's free!

Mystic Moments UK
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30 marzo 2023

So far, so good. Still testing the system but it looks like it will work for us longer term and being free, its got to be worth a try! Finding the inventory control very good, but rather disappointed that there is no longer the stock take functionality we wanted! Team have been extremely responsive, especially Josh who is always there to help me when I get stuck!

A Fine Pair of Shoes
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12 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
30 marzo 2023

Veeqo has opened up a whole lot of opportunities for us, and was the only platform that allowed us to link a shop epos (Vend) with multiple shopify stores. There are a few niggles as there are with any out of the box platform, but it's very powerful and currently free to use too!
The live chat help has been great over the year we have been using it - they have been able to sort out a lot of questions and any tech issues too.
Overall it's a platform that has a lot of potential and now it is well set up I'm looking forward to really starting to harness it's power.

The Natural Gift Company
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24 maggio 2017

Veeqo has worked for us really well and the support is excellent and it's really easy to use. The on-boarding process was really smooth and they have been very responsive to the few issues with couriers that we have had.

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