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Bulk edit and optimize product listings with ease!

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Save hours of time editing

Bulk edit descriptions, photos, tags, and more for all of your product listings in minutes.

Manage multiple stores

Centrally manage multiple Shopify stores through one Vela account.

100% free with support

Access all features for free and if you ever have questions or need help we'll be there to provide live in-app support.

Su Vela

Merchants spend countless hours managing and editing their product listings. Vela allows this work to be done in a fraction of the time, through a beautiful interface, for free!


  • Manage multiple Shopify stores from a single Vela account
  • Bulk edit all product attributes including, descriptions, photos, variants, and prices
  • Optimize photos with filters, refinements, and cropping
  • 100% free including live support

Use Cases

Thousands of sellers use Vela to help better manage their stores everyday. These are just a few of the most popular examples.

  • Share important news with customers by posting a notice to all descriptions
  • Increase and/or decrease prices by any dollar or percentage amount
  • Enhance photos by applying filters
  • Update variants to ensure product availability is always accurate

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4.8 stelle su 5

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I used this app in the past with my Etsy Shop and loved it and just now was able to update my Shopify Store. I needed to delete the same image that was in each one of my listings and was doing it manually until I found out Vela had integrated with Shopify. This is a game changer. I am so excited to use this app. It has saved me hours and hours. I understand there are more exciting things coming with the App. Thank you Vela.

Soul & Grace Designs

I love being able to edit my etsy and shopify site from one location and easily upload changes. Not only that the customer support is fantastic - quick responses and very helpful.


App sloopt zowel op Etsy als op Shopify de hele layout van mijn teksten. In Shopify verwijderd het alle afbeeldingen met links als ik slechts twee woorden aanpas in de omschrijving van een product via Vela. Ik had tijdens mijn sessies over Etsy contact met hun technische afdeling gehad omdat het daar ook helemaal mis ging maar dit heeft niks geholpen. Nu ik zie dat het binnen Shopify nog veel meer schade aanricht ben ik er helemaal klaar mee.