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11 maart 2021

Horrible experience using this app, it doesn't work and it will mess up the coding in your theme if you update your theme within the app. Don't recommend this to anyone, start regular nft somewhere else.

Doheny Boyz®
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Verisart heeft geantwoord 9 juni 2021

We're sorry you had a bad experience. We've just now launched and completely redesigned and rebuilt the Verisart blockchain certification app to meet merchant needs, support new product types and integrate seamlessly with your store. We would be glad to give you a free six month trial with the new app. We're confident you'll find this new app a vastly improved experience!

15 november 2022

Functionality this app is a 5+. Organizational culture is a -0. Because of the current business like culture at Verisart, the artist is discounted, not merely as the customer but their voices are mere opinions. Dont forget who's content your running off here guys! Bottom-line great tools ruined by STRATIFIED (us/them) thinking and actors. An SMB with a big business mentality. Artists, can get lost here.

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Verisart heeft geantwoord 16 november 2022

We're really sorry you had a negative experience. We've worked hard for creators for many years and take their voices very seriously. We hear your frustration about the add-on pricing for bringing third-party contracts onto the Verisart platform and we've taken action: To make it more affordable, we're going to automate this process.

From early 2023, creators on any Premium plan will be able to easily import their own Manifold contracts to Verisart. Adding the contracts to your Shopify store will require an inexpensive onchain transaction, but there will be no additional cost. You’ll be able to do this directly from the Contracts tab in the app.

Again, we genuinely appreciate your feedback. We're committed to listening and taking action to make things better for creators. We hope you'll consider giving our app another test drive when this new feature becomes available.

Update February 2023
We've now released a new feature to allow creators to easily import their own Manifold contracts, free of charge. Thank you again for your feedback which has contributed to making our app better for creators. We hope you will consider trying out our app again.