Versa Cloud ERP for eCommerce

Versa Cloud ERP for eCommerce

door Versa Cloud ERP Inc

The quickest , easiest way to Track Inventory and Ship Orders

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Everything you need to run your business including Accounting, Inventory and Warehouse Management, Shipping, Receiving and much more.

Inventory and Shipping

Inventory capabilities tightly integrated with Financial and eCommerce across Buying, Selling, Receiving, Stocking, Shipping, and Tracking.

Click & Go

Point-and-Click integration of ERP with you Shopify store. Start processing customer Orders in minutes. Skip long ERP implementations.

Over Versa Cloud ERP for eCommerce

If you are the owner of an e-commerce business that has grown beyond spreadsheets, entry level accounting applications and multiple add-on products for inventory management, shipping, customer management etc.


It is a problem everyone would like to have.

That is especially true now that Versa Cloud ERP Inc is making the all-in-one capabilities of a powerful cloud ERP system available to Shopify customers at bargain basement prices.

The Versa Cloud ERP (Standard Edition) is a modern all-in-one business management solution created for fast growing inventory heavy manufacturing, distribution, and e-commerce businesses moving to the next level. It is more powerful than old software used by your larger competitors, yet simple and affordable enough for use in businesses like yours.

Versa for eCommerce is a special version of the Versa Standard Edition offering especially for Shopify store owners with the ability to connect to your Shopify store in just a few clicks.

Versa for eCommerce includes many of the key accounting, inventory and warehouse management, shipping and logistics, ecommerce and advanced reporting and business intelligence capabilities in the Standard ERP Edition including the features below

  • Up to 3 Full Users and 3 free online Setup meetings included with Paid Plans. (More users can be added by upgrading to the Standard Edition for a fee)
  • Unlimited Capacity. Suppliers/Customers. Parts/Products. KITS.
  • Support different type of business model - DropShop, Make to Order, Sell from Stock, Online Marketplaces.
  • Reports/Forms. Complex Pricing Policies.
  • Multiple Warehouses and Currencies
  • Item/Product: Multiple Units of Measure, Multiple Units for Products, Product Variants, Complex Pricing, FIFO & Average Costing for Inventory valuation
  • Financial: Enhanced GL, Credit/Bank Cards, ACH/Direct Debit, e-Check, Bank & Card Feeds ,Reconciliation.
  • AR: Batch Receipts, Deduction, Returns/Refunds, Sales Deposits
  • AP: 3 Way Matching, Landed Cost, Batch Pay, Deposits
  • Buying: Inventory Planner, Standing Orders, Purchase Orders
  • Returns: RMA, Returns/Refund/Credit, Restock, Repair/Exchange
  • Inventory Reports: Many to choose from. The best part is that getting started just takes a few clicks because Versa connects directly with Shopify and other online stores, POS, marketplaces, shippers, 3PLs, banks, credit card companies and a whole lot more. No connectors are needed.

Start with Versa’s free entry-level Versa Cloud ERP for eCommerce offering.

Upgrade to the E-commerce Plus when you need more than one user or to Standard Edition when you need more than 3 users and additional functionality.

Remember, other than Shopify, Versa is the only other business app you need to manage an online business.

Integreert met

  • Fedex,
  • UPS,
  • USPS,
  • eBay,
  • Amazon

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eCommerce Basic


  • Limited to 1 user and no limit on number of orders, transactions.
  • 1 Shopify Online Store & 1 Shopify POS.
  • Free Support: Knowledgebase.

eCommerce Plus


  • $49/Month for 1 user
  • $99/Month for 2 Users
  • $149/Month for 3 Users
  • 3 Free Setup & Training Web Conference Calls

Standard Edition


gefactureerd voor $5,130 eenmaal per jaar

  • 3 Users Included
  • Unlock the full potential of Versa ERP with features such as manufacturing, warehouse management and much more

* Alle betalingen worden in USD gefactureerd.
** Terugkerende kosten, inclusief maandelijkse of op gebruik gebaseerde kosten, worden elke 30 dagen in rekening gebracht.

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Meest recente recensies

AREA home

We have been using Versa since 2016, we were looking for an all-in-one software, something that could integrate our different systems as well as inventory and accounting. Now we connect online Shopify, Shopify POS as well as purchasing, selling, and accounting all in Versa, pretty great!
It sounds simple and obvious but it is not easy to find something that handles all our needs and is also affordable.
We are not the most tech-savvy group but we know what we need from a software.
Versa has been a great engaged partner to us, that when we need help made us feel like they have our back. With the support, we can trust and rely on. Anki Spets AREA Inc.

St James of London

Previously we used NetSuite which by most accounts is highly complex and overpriced (and continues to raise prices), not to mention a lengthy and laborious on-boarding process. We looked at various ERP solutions that would be reasonably affordable, easy to onboard, easy to use and robust enough to accommodate our needs, specifically our wide selection of products, multiple warehouse facilities & currencies. Versa's offering consistently "checked" our boxes of needs + wants, however most importantly, they're super quick to respond and troubleshoot issues that pop-up from time to time. Although Versa is our ERP, we view them equally as a trusted partner who contributes to our day-to-day business success & efficiency. Just one regret - we wish we would have found them sooner.


As a newly founded company, we were looking for an ERP system that was simple and inexpensive. Versa Cloud ERP was our solution! Versa allows us to focus more on the tasks at hand, rather than spending countless hours trying to navigate the backend. We would HIGHLY suggest this solution not only because of its simplicity and easy navigation but also because of the continuous support from their team any time a question or issue arises.