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8 februari 2024

Bad service response. Added the funds to the wallet and are not reflecting. Following up with support for 9 days still no response. I repeatedly added funds and now the orders are not getting processed. Pathetic.

Bella Tone India
12 dagen gebruiken de app
25 november 2022

So I have working with vFulfill for the last one year and I have to say they are essential to my business. vFulfill app has some amazing features which sets is apart from the competition. I can easily get insights on my daily earnings, winning products, inventory replenishment. One feature which I love the most is their “Interactive Reporting Graphs” which have made my life easier by calculating my daily profits in real time.

Bijna 2 jaar gebruiken de app
22 maart 2023

vFulfill is a fantastic app for managing supply chains, especially for fast-growing products. Their inventory management system is top-notch, accurately predicting how much inventory you need so that you have minimal pending inventory at the end of the day. I've been blown away by the brains behind this app!

In addition to their exceptional inventory management, vFulfill also has several checks in place to ensure that delivery percentages are above the cut. This level of attention to detail is hard to find in any other app out there.

Overall, I highly recommend vFulfill to anyone looking to streamline their supply chain management. This app is perfect for those who want to grow their business quickly without worrying about inventory management or delivery issues. vFulfill is the real deal!

Ongeveer een jaar gebruiken de app
25 november 2022

This is Purav - They are the best business partner you can get for your eCommerce business in India. The customer support is on point, the account manager is full of ideas & insights, the interface is user friendly and they are always ready to help you to scale & grow. vFulfill is amazing in what they do.

Snugs Ind
Verenigde Arabische Emiraten
9 maanden gebruiken de app
27 mei 2023

Holy moly, vFulfill is a lifesaver! I used to stress about sourcing, fulfillment, and shipping for my eCommerce biz. But these geniuses crushed my doubts and turned them into pure delight. No more sleepless nights or logistics nightmares. They've got my back and my bottom line! Thanks, vFulfill!
4 maanden gebruiken de app
22 maart 2023

I have been using vFulfill for sourcing products, managing fulfillment, and shipping for some time now, and I am extremely satisfied with their services. One thing that really stands out about these guys is their ability to bring high margin winning products to the table. I have personally seen the results of their product selection and can say that they have helped me to grow my business significantly.

The only downside to working with vFulfill is that after some initial stock, you need to bulk procure and pay upfront for it.

However, I have found that the high margin in these products makes up for the investment. Moreover, they have also helped me to extend a credit line at minimal interest, which has been incredibly useful for me as a business owner.

Overall, I highly recommend vFulfill to anyone looking for a reliable partner in product sourcing, fulfillment, and shipping. Their high-margin winning products and ability to extend credit lines have been a game-changer for my business, and I'm sure it will be for others too.

3 maanden gebruiken de app
12 december 2022

vFulfill is like having an army work for you at the cost of a soldier
I started with just 30-50 orders a day, but even then vFulfill moved miles to execute my custom packaging & branding requirements. Now, I run 6 stores with vFulfill and am operating with 5X of what I was driving previously.
It’s amazing how they helped my emerging D2C brand deliver a world-class experience!!!
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