vidaXL Dropshipping

vidaXL Dropshipping

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Import & sync products from vidaXL easily within your webshop

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Import products

Easily import products within your webshop based on the selected categories.

Synchronize stock amounts

The stock will be synced automatically. Never sell any product out of stock.

Send orders automatically

Received an order? The order will be automatically sent to VidaXL for shipment.

Su vidaXL Dropshipping

Sell vidaXL products via dropshipping within your Shopify online store

Are you starting with an online Shopify store? Than you will probably need the vidaXL Shopify app for dropshipping.

vidaXL is an international online retailer. They offer thousands of products in a wide variety of categories such as home, garden, garage, DIY, and clothing. vidaXL is active worldwide and provides excellent customer support for each country in their native language. They are a perfect partner for both high-end and low-end furniture. There is something for every target group at vidaXL!

The vidaXL Shopify app enables you to offer the full assortment of vidaXL products through your online Shopify store with dropshipping. This eliminates the need to purchase a large inventory and shipping all orders yourself. Collaborating with a dropshipping company like vidaXL is indispensable for starting an online Shopify store!

vidaXL Dropshipping app - Core Features

  • Import the (full) assortment of vidaXL based on the selected category
  • All product content, such as: images, description, prices etc. will be imported
  • Determine your own fixed or variable margin or use the vidaXL advice price
  • Synchronize stock amounts automatically and realtime
  • Synchronize prices automatically and realtime
  • Send orders automatically to vidaXL for shipment (coming soon)

Why vidaXL?

Consumers are becoming increasingly more price conscious. vidaXL offers products for home and garden at competitive prices. They want to make their products accessible to as many customer and companies as possible. vidaXL select only products in high demand and purchases them directly at large scale. They are able to influence the design and packaging to optimize the entire production chain which ultimately ensures our customers pay a very reasonable price for the products.

What are you waiting for? Start dropshipping with vidaXL!

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  • Import products based on category

  • Update stock auto & realtime

  • Determine your own margin

  • And many more dropshipping features

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2.2 stelle su 5

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Le recensioni più recenti


Majorly buggy, I lost hours of work on 2 occasions when adding a category only for the app to delete the entire product catalogue, I spent hours sorting them all, support is non existent. UPDATE! Not as bad as I had first thought, just no information online about proper instructions, today I Sold an item at a loss as price increase had not synced.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

4 aprile 2021

Hi EmeraldXL,

Sorry to hear that! We should explain the app better, to prevent categories are being deleted.

However support is existing. You can submit a ticket via Our colleagues will help you during business hours within a maximum of 8 hours.

Hope this reply was helpful. Love to fix everything for you!

Team Woosa

De app lijkt in eerste instantie goed te werken. Vervolgens blijkt de app allerlei fouten te hebben. / geen voorraad synch etc. Ruim 2 weken in contact met support, geen enkele hulp. Zeggen dat ze er elke keer op terug komen, vervolgens kom je van een koude kermis thuis. Ik kan de app dan ook zeker niet aanraden.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

4 aprile 2021


Dank voor jouw review.

Er zat inderdaad een issue in de voorraad synchronisatie vlak na livegang. Deze is inmiddels opgelost.

Mocht je toch nog issues hiermee ervaren, zouden wij graag een ticket ontvangen via Enkel op die manier kunnen wij het voor je oplossen.

Het is erg druk op support in deze vreemde tijden, maar we doen ons uiterste best iedereen binnen 1 werkdag van een antwoord te voorzien.

Team Woosa


This application works very well and the import of products has a smooth process. In case of any problems you can contact support which is very helpful. I highly recommend this app!!!

Risposta dello sviluppatore

29 marzo 2021


Thanks for this awesome review, we really appreciate!

You know where to find us, if you have any further questions.

Best regards,
Team Woosa