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1 settembre 2023

Vimeo Create - Video Maker is an easy to use, powerful, and very professional tool!

PJD Academy
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7 novembre 2023

Quick and Easy to Use!!!

Wags and Hugs
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24 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
Data modifica: 9 ottobre 2019

Great app- gets the job done. Makes videos fast. Easy to use. Much quicker than using video production company.

Regno Unito
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26 settembre 2019

This app is truly unique and attractive in a special way. Awesome videos and music. Strongly recommended

Circa 4 anni di utilizzo dell’app
14 maggio 2020

I was blown away with the simplistic way Videofy is able to create very sophisticated video presentations.

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Quasi 4 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Vimeo, Inc. ha risposto 17 maggio 2020

Thanks for the 5 stars! We're so happy you found our app easy to use :)

4 settembre 2019

excellent application for making videos for my products, I like it very good.
I am very emotional...

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Oltre 3 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Vimeo, Inc. ha risposto 11 settembre 2019

Thanks for your positive review! We're so glad you're enjoying Videofy.

14 luglio 2020

EASY TO USE! Even for non-experienced graphics users. First time users are gonna love this APP. Try it and you'll love it

Zen Supplements
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Vimeo, Inc. ha risposto 15 luglio 2020

We love that you loved your results! It's very nice to read that you feel our app is easy to use because that was what we were going for! Thank you so much for your review and your rating!

Data modifica: 24 luglio 2019

This video app will add so many more conversions to my site!
Plus I love that I can also use them for ads as well! WILL KEEP THIS FOR A GOOD WHILE!

Say It With Yo Tee
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Vimeo, Inc. ha risposto 24 luglio 2019

Thank you for the amazing review!

6 settembre 2020

i love this app as so easy to use and edit. I find it difficult to add to my shopify video section so i have to add the u tube link
I fully recommend this app as it does everything it says on the tin
Fully recommend

Mister Johns Collections
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Oltre 3 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Vimeo, Inc. ha risposto 6 settembre 2020

Hi! Thank you very much for your rating and review! We’d be happy to learn more and assist you with the issue you're referring to. Could you please reach out to us directly by opening Videofy and clicking on Settings --> Contact Support so we can help resolve this for you.

17 settembre 2020

I used this app to make my product video. It is super easy to use and make my products very vivid and full of life and joy. Highly recommend to all users. One of the best app I used in Shopify. Give a big thumb up

RAS di Hong Kong
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Vimeo, Inc. ha risposto 21 settembre 2020

Thank you for your seal of approval! We are so happy when users recommend our app as a super easy to use product! Thank you for the review and the rating!!!