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Muokattu 6. huhtikuu 2020

The majority of the 10+ months I've been paying for the subscription I was trying to set it up. It took 162 emails back and forth to get this set up on my page, even with a web developer. It was the messiest installation I've ever seen with clueless customer service. They constantly send you links to articles they've written (to help their SEO, not their customer) even when you've read these articles and they do not answer your questions. They were also incredibly rude and continued to tell me that any help was outside of the scope of my payment plan, but I could upgrade to get better customer support.

After my campaign was finally up and running, their fraud detection flagged every single referral, even when it was painfully obvious there was zero risk. I had to manually go through each one and determine the risk myself.

Then they did an "upgrade" and all of my customization that I spent months on didn't work anymore and my page was live and looked horrible, without any warning or notice.

To top it off, you can not cancel your subscription yourself online. You have to email them and they refuse to cancel it until the end of the payment period and won't confirm your cancelation.

I went with them because it was the cheapest option, but alas, you do get what you pay for.

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Viral loops vastasi 9. huhtikuu 2020

We appreciate your review and we're really sorry you feel this way.

After further reviewing your case, it seems that our support team has helped you resolve any mentioned issues via email and also over a call.

In addition, apart from our fraud detection system, that is a suggestion tool -and takes into account several factors, including sign-ups from the same IP- we also have a double opt-in feature, so that you can avoid the reviewing process that our fraud detection tool requires.

Last but not least, everything is stated both in our Terms, that you agreed to before sign-up, and in our documentation regarding the payments and the cancellation: As in most SaaS companies, the payment is upfront, recurring, and automatic, as well as the cancellation, is normally applied at the end of the current billing cycle -even though we made an exception for you and canceled it immediately.

Please contact us via support (either via chat or email at for any further clarification.

22. kesäkuu 2022

Beware - They are the least responsive app merchant that I've ever dealt with. Subscribed to one of their paid plans. Ran into technical issues. Reached out via chat, but they were never available. No idea what time zone they are in, but I literally stayed up till 2am PST hoping to catch them live via chat. The chat was sent to them via email. They sporadically responded via email causing delay to fix the issues. While waiting for them to help resolve one of the last technical issues, I noticed that they blocked access to my account preventing me to continue making changes to my pre-launch marketing campaign that I was hoping to launch ASAP. I am still waiting for them to respond, but their lack of responsiveness and willingness to help have caused a significant delay in my launch.

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Viral loops vastasi 23. kesäkuu 2022

We are sorry for this experience.

Tech issues might take longer to be resolved and we apologize for that.

We are here to support you and we would be happy to help you get live as soon as possible, please get in touch with us at and we will resolve everything as soon as possible.

2. heinäkuu 2019

You guys are hard nuts huh? So, finally you're successful in pocketing $49, which we paid for just installing your app and doing anything at all (not your fault though!). Nevermind, but you've lost a customer and gained a detractor for life. Cheers to that!

OMG WOW! Trends
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Viral loops vastasi 2. heinäkuu 2019

We appreciate your review and we're really sorry you feel this way.

Please note that Shopify charge is automatic after the trial period, as stated in the terms.

We're happy to help you setting up a great campaign and assist with your campaign's performance, also, so as to make your payment count.

Please contact us via support (either via chat or email at

16. helmikuu 2019

they charge your credit card without notification after your trial ends.... I'll never use this again

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Viral loops vastasi 8. toukokuu 2019

We appreciate your review and we're sorry you feel this way.

Please note that this is how Shopify charge works (automatically charge after the trial period).

Still, we're happy to help you with your campaign's performance, so as to make your payment do count.