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The chat support is amazing and the simplicity of their answers really does help yo uset the app up with ease. They respond really fast and always have the best info. Sometimes linking to their blogs and video walk throughs too which is really helpful. Looking forward to getting it up and running. Only suggestion I would make for an improvement would be to add a donation calculator, Where you can click on and off each of the campaigns with a box to add value so you can make sure there isn't too many running at once, especially as the invoices are monthly. But great app for what it is thank you!

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Pledger Giving Ltdが返信しました 2024年3月14日

Hello, thank you so much for sharing your positive experience and being a part of Virtue! One of us will be in touch regarding the suggestion you made. We'd love to hear more. If you ever need anything - reach out. Virtue Team


I was looking for the best Charity donations app to add onto my website. After a while of research I stumbled upon this.

This has everything and is super easy to use and integrate onto my store.

Highly recommend!


We were sadly let down by a number of other applications similar to this. With Virtue - Charity Donations, we were very happy with the features available and the ease of implementation. There are fees associated with this application; so be aware.

Pledger Giving Ltdが返信しました 2024年4月18日

Hello, stoked you are happy with the App so far! There are in deed App fees which the App page should lead to. We'll check this out asap and make sure fees are as visible as possible. Thanks again! Please reach out if you ever need anything. Kindly, Virtue Team


Great app that helps businesses and charities, a win-win!

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Pledger Giving Ltdが返信しました 2024年3月7日

Thanks for your good words. Great to have you onboard! Reach out if you ever need anything. Virtue Team


This is a great idea and a brilliant solution for a business like ours - we want to donate to causes that align with our values, but we don't have the manpower to manually oversee this process, deducting percentages form sales and ensuring they get distributed accordingly. With Virtue it all just happens automatically in the background. Westen in particular was really helpful in getting us up and running, although the process is all pretty straightforward anyway. Love it.

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Mariya, Weston, and the Virtue team have proven to be exceptional in their work! The Virtue app offers a comprehensive suite of features, including Customer Giving, Store Giving, and Upsell Giving, making it a versatile choice for brands that prioritize making a positive impact. In addition, the app helps automate the tracking and processing of donations to charities allowing for accuracy and transparency. Overall, our experience Virtue team has been highly commendable, and we look forward to continued collaboration.

Pledger Giving Ltdが返信しました 2023年12月18日

We love working with KUVRD - great products with a meaningful impact story and awesome people behind it all. We look forward to more campaigns together! Many thanks for taking the time to write about your experience, Virtue Team


Discovering virtue was nothing short of a eureka moment, all these charity partnerships right on our fingertips, after spending so much time researching on potential charity partners and how to approach them. Virtue turns out, to have done it all for us merchants, in thousands! it's simply amazing!

The service so far from Westen, giving an hour's long demo and going through the installation and activation process has been exceptional.

I've enjoyed the experience so far and quite excited to work with our new partners.

Thanks guys.

Pledger Giving Ltdが返信しました 2023年11月27日

Hello, thank you so much for your good words and for taking the time to write such a great review. I am so glad we were able to support and you had a positive experience working with Westen, We also appreciate him =) Many thanks, Virtue Team


what a great app and user friendly. the support is amazing. I love that my business is now part of a good cause. lots of charities to use!

way to go guys!

Pledger Giving Ltdが返信しました 2023年12月18日

Hi team, so glad you are enjoying the App and that we were able to support. If you ever need anything - reach out! Kindly, Virtue Team


Super impressed with this app so far. Amazing features and easy integration, one of the few of it's kind to seamlessly integrate donations on an e-commerce platform in an easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing way. I was even able to have a one-on-one session with the founder to run through additional ways to optimise the app for my website, and it was heartening to see the mutual passion for non-profit work. I haven't launched the site as yet, but so far, it's been a fantastic experience.

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Great app, helps automate tracking and processing donations to charities which we were doing manually before. The team are always very helpful on chat and often will make changes to improve/ add new features to the app when you ask them too. Highly recommend.

Pledger Giving Ltdが返信しました 2023年11月1日

Great to hear we were able to support! If you every need a hand with anything - reach out. Big thanks, Virtue Team