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29. květen 2023

Support is so fast and fixes all problems straight away. Juan from Vitals helped me this time. Thanks

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29. květen 2023

Live chat feature is one of the best services i have used so far from other apps. Juan who opened my request was very helpful and fixed an issue i had trouble with very fast.
Overall, this apps has everything you need. Recommend.

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Čas strávený používáním aplikace: 24 dny
29. květen 2023

I´m surprised of the efficiency and speed of the support time. Jed is great at that! Really happy with the service.

ALMA Marca
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29. květen 2023

the support team is great, very satisfied. he figured out the problems and told me in a very easy-to-understand way.

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Čas strávený používáním aplikace: 11 dny
29. květen 2023

Funktioniert perfekt für Reviews oder Upsells. Support antwortet auch sehr schnell und hat mir gut geholfen

Čas strávený používáním aplikace: 33 minutami
29. květen 2023

I've only been using Vitals for a few weeks and I love it. Excellent features. Incredible customer service!

Avani Jewelry
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Čas strávený používáním aplikace: Asi měsícem
28. květen 2023

A must have for every shop. very usefull apps and ver very helpful and nice customer support. defenetly recommended

Čas strávený používáním aplikace: 21 dny
28. květen 2023

IM AN REALLY HAPPY WITH THIS APP! the live chat answering time is insane. not even 1 minute with multiple "problems" that i had. every time i had any problem they were either able to solve it within seconds or if it was something bigger that needed to be solved by changeing/checking the code of the app or something else it still was solved within 1-3 days. they really care about their customers! i think the atm almost 5k 5* reviews against 7 times 1* show that as well!


Čas strávený používáním aplikace: 26 dny
Datum úprav: 28. květen 2023

Possibly the best app for Shopify. Comes with endless functionality and the most helpful customer support team we have ever worked with.

Fire Accessories
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Čas strávený používáním aplikace: 4 měsíci
27. květen 2023

Amazing app! Been using this app for around 4 months now and I almost don't need any more apps. I also had a problem with my page speed and I thought Vitals was the cause (because it's a big app) so I contacted the support team and they ran all kind of tests and showed me Vitals took almost no time to load but it was another app. Great app and great help!

OPS. Clothing B.V.
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