VStore Shoppable Videos

VStore Shoppable Videos

door rBux Inc.

Drive sales using interactive videos

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Increase ROI of Video Content

Embed your products into any video. Products display below. Shoppable Videos make it easy for customer to shop directly from your video.

Engage Buyers & Build Loyalty

Interactive videos have high engagement rates, drive more click-throughs (than alternatives) and increase conversions by up to 4 times!

Lower CAC & Marketing Expenses

Get more out of your video content and easily make any video shoppable. Drive sales in a cost-effective way, so you waste less on marketing.

Over VStore Shoppable Videos

What is VStore?

VStore is the answer to static & boring online experiences by adding interactivity to your video content and allowing your videos to be shoppable! In other words, customers can buy direct from the video as your products naturally appear in your videos.

Convert video views into revenue at a high rate, at a low cost!

Watching videos is far more entertaining than browsing lists of products. Now, products can be embedded into video and display directly below the video at the moment they appear in the video!

Product discovery is seamless and fun!

Give at-home shoppers a virtual tour of your store, film a commercial that tactfully displays your products, post User Generated Content that uses your products or do product review, demo or 'how-to' videos. Shoppable Videos provide better e-commerce experiences to customers by showing your products in action and linking to them at that moment! This is why we say that the experience is interactive and seamless.

Increase the ROI of your video content.

Filming content can sometimes be time-consuming. That's why it's important to maximize the ROI of your video. Most people can agree that videos entertain more than text or images and are a more captivating way to engage audiences. So maximize the benefits of video even more by making it shoppable, which adds convenience to the buyer's journey and increases conversions.

Engage customers and build brand loyalty.

Customers are getting tired of the same old tactics. Is putting things on sale the best way to get their interest or their dollars? NO! But providing them with entertainment, fun, convenience and the useful features of VStore will get them interested and increase your chances of them spending money with you.

Lower Customer Acquisition Cost and marketing expenses.

Many of us know about marketing terms such as CAC, CTR, CPC, CLV, etc. These terms breakdown marketing and sales into numbers and dollar figures that allow us to gauge our specific efforts: in other words, what is working and what isn't? Paying for customers and hoping they spend more than it costs to acquire them is a tough game, which only a few companies have mastered. Instead, keep it simple and try adding value to your customer's lives and joy to their day. Useful vlogs and creative videos are a great way to do this and VStore will then make it easy for customers to see your products and be able to buy.

What are you waiting for? Try out shoppable videos to see how great they work for you!

It's all possible with VStore Shoppable Videos, which provide an interactive experience and give actionable cues for customers to purchase directly from your videos!

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We first used Vstore during the first lock down and it provided us a great way to still showcase our store while we were closed. They've made the platform super easy to use; even non tech store owners like myself can easily film on a cell phone, tag and launch. With how we shop changing so quickly, apps like this are crucial so all stores (no matter how small) can provide an innovative way to shop on-line that is more engaging.