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22 de novembro de 2022

The team was so helpful when I needed to have a workaround! Quick to respond and thorough with their communication.

Estados Unidos
Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: About 4 years
14 de novembro de 2022

Muy buena atención al cliente y capacidad resolutiva. Tenía un inconveniente que no podía resolver, no solo me respondieron rápidamente sino que también me ayudaron haciéndolos ellos mismos.

AG México - Líder en suspensión
Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: About 1 year
3 de novembro de 2022

Great app and great features. Also brilliant customer service. The app does bot support multiple languages which means that only one language can be displayed at a time.

German Products International UK
20 de outubro de 2022

Do not install this app unless you want a ton of unhappy customers. This app worked great for a few months until it started sending out tons of back in stock alerts for products that were still out of stock! It's done this with over 20 products in the last 3 weeks. I finally deleted it. There were no returns for these items and the inventory had not been altered at all. NOT HAPPY

Cowkid Clothing Company
Estados Unidos
Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: 6 months
Questão respondida por Swym Corporation 21 de outubro de 2022

Thank you for taking the time to review our app. We understand it’s frustrating when your customer receives a back-in-stock alert for a product that was not restocked and they were unhappy about it.

With that said, At Swym we always own a merchant problem and provide a timely solution and it’s painful to know that we haven’t been able to deliver that value to you.

Our app is designed to collect subscriptions for Sold-out products and trigger the alerts only when we receive a product update from Shopify for these subscriptions. This is generally true of all the back-in-stock apps in the Shopify AppStore. We completed a thorough investigation of the issue you reported to see why those emails were triggered.

For the period from October 19-21, a total of 20 alerts were sent by the app across 6 different products. Our app triggers alert based on 2 events:

1. A shopper signs up for an alert on an out-of-stock product
2. We receive an update from Shopify that tells us a product is in-stock.

Only when these 2 events occur in combination can an alert get triggered. In every single one of the cases where alerts were sent for your store, we’ve verified that both these events happened. However, the issue seems to be that the first event, i.e. a shopper signing up for a back-in-stock alert was able to do so even when the product was actually in stock according to Shopify - indicating that the product-detail page was showing the product as Sold Out for that particular variant.

This can occasionally happen depending on your theme settings but because the app had been uninstalled, we were not able to validate this. It is only with the data we are piecing together from our logs that we were able to conclude that. We have shared our findings and logs on the support request you opened, please check and let us know if you’d like more information. Even if you choose not to reinstall our app, we’d like to help you get to the bottom of this issue and help resolve it for you because it will likely cause other related issues for you.

18 de outubro de 2022

superb customer service and email alerts works well. Very easy to use and one of the most necessary apps for your site! I use to be on the free plan and really found value after using it. Will be looking to switch to paid plan as I expand my store. Thank you for the great customer service

Estados Unidos
Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: 9 months
17 de outubro de 2022

We are launching a new Shopify store and have selected Swym Back in Stock for our new site. While our site is still not yet live, the team at Swyms has been super responsive and helpful in getting our legacy wait lists into Shopify and integrating the app on our new site.

J. Stockard Fly Fishing
Estados Unidos
Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: About 2 months
16 de setembro de 2022

We have found this App to be very helpful for our customers to stay up to date with new inventory arriving. We had an important question and a helpful solution was provided extremely fast. Very impressed!

KJP Select Hardwoods
Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: Almost 2 years
16 de setembro de 2022

First and foremost, I want to start by saying that I highly rate Swym Back in Stock Alerts app. It does exactly what it has been designed to do. I had been using the app for some time with no issues whatsoever. I recently upgraded the theme and when I went to make the necessary changes to get the app back up and running again, I had some minor issues. I had to contact tech support to get it resolved. I can’t honestly fault them. Very helpful and went beyond my expectations when I asked for further help so I could customise how the app integrated with my website. All in all, 5 star all around. Thank you very much! www.absolute360.co.uk

Reino Unido
Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: Over 1 year
13 de setembro de 2022

Great app, it integrates easily into our website & their support is really helpful & quick to respond.

Terra the Label
Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: About 2 years
17 de agosto de 2022

Does what we need, easily customizable, and support has been responsive the feel times we needed them.

Estados Unidos
Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: About 3 years