WC Fulfillment Print on Demand

WC Fulfillment Print on Demand

作成: WC Fulfillment

The easiest way to create and sell Print on Demand products.

Quick Production & Shipping

Your custom products are manufactured in 2-day average and ship direct from factory to your customer.

Free to Install

This app is 100% free to install. Only pay the wholesale cost of the products you sell. Upgrade to Premium to receive discounted Pricing.

24/7 Customer Support

Problems? Contact our customer support time 24/7 and we will help solve your issue promptly.

WC Fulfillment Print on Demandの詳細情報

How Does WC Fulfillment Work?

When a customer places an order on your store containing a WC Fulfillment product, we’ll automatically process, print and ship the item(s) to your customer. We’ll even notify your buyers with automatic tracking updates once their orders have shipped!

Seller Friendly Pricing - Make More Money!

WC Fulfillment offers seller friendly prices, which means that all of our products are factory direct pricing and give you way more profit per order. For a detailed list of our products and pricing please visit wcfulfillment.com/product-details

Dozens of High Converting Mock-Ups!

Inside our app, each product will render 3-5 product mockups when you upload your custom design, but we also include links to dozens more PSD mockup files we have created for you inside our Seller Resources site.

100% Product Guaranteed

We’ll send a free replacement at no charge, if you have a customer that’s unhappy with their custom product. WC Fulfillment is here to keep your customers happy so you can focus on growing your business.

Installing WC Fulfillment is easy:

  1. Click the “Add App” button,
  2. Add your payment method – we support Paypal and all major credit cards.
  3. Add products with your custom designs,
  4. Start Selling!

We also offer free training on how to sell more of your products inside the app.







Products cost billed when a sale is made on your store.

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Memories To Last

This app has gone downhill since about November 2019 about the same time the owner just disappeared from the facebook group where he use to give regular updates and be involved with the group. It's now been 5 months and no one has heard a peep from him in the group what so ever which leads me to believe he is no longer running the group or the business. I really think he probably sold it and bailed which is why the sudden change.

The products were ok, the shipping time prior to November 2018 was good but since November 2018 you can expect to wait a min. of 2-3 months for delivery which equates to very unhappy customers.
The facebook group these days are just full of people looking and asking about other pod companies or products basically nothing now with the (wc) products. You can't mention anything about shipping times or issues with products anymore or your post gets deleted or you get banned all together.

Customer service is no longer helpful they have no idea what they are doing all you get is the same old script "please wait longer for delivery" it has now turned into a joke in my opinion.

If I could give 0 stars I would but that option isnt available. All I can tell anyone on here now is do yourself a favor and run from this app as fast as you can, don't bother installing it as I am sure you will come to regret it as I did.


Don't use this app. It takes way too long for order to reach client. It's been 2-3 months for some of my orders and they still haven't reached my client. I get covid is a thing but even the orders from early January haven't arrived.

Baby Yoda Shop

Limited Control to no control of when you choose to fufil an order. My orders have now been "processing" for over 3 weeks and nothing has been shipped. Customers are getting impatient and so am I. Stay away from this company unless you want a huge headache down the line.