Storify: Stories & Highlights

Storify: Stories & Highlights

作成: Bobbesoft: Stories & Highlights

Build Social Proof with a story slideshow widget


User Generated Content (UGC)

Feature User Generated Content with easy set-up Story Widget

Stories and Highlights

Include your Instagram Stories and Highlights to showcase your Social Media Presence

Social Proof with Insta story

Boost Conversion with Social Proof from your Instagram Content and Stories

Storify: Stories & Highlightsの詳細情報

How the story widget can help you to boost your shop performance.

----------- a must have -----------------------------------------------------------

With the Social Story Widget you can add a widget to your store which make your store unique and vivid.

This user generated content (ugc) is easy to implement and to use.

Instagram Stories or highlights on your shopify store animiate the visitor through a special dynamic to stay longer on your shopify store. The increased duration on your store can improve the relationship to your customers.

Add Social Proof to your store and build trust with your customers!

Through the implementation you can show your shop visitors your daily instagram stories and highlights just one click away. Instagram stories and highlights from happy customers on your shopify store will generated a trusting feeling by your shop visitors.

More Social Proof, more trust, longer time on your site and a better relationship to your customers

The story widget will create all above and this can result in an increase of your conversion rate.

Boost your conversion rate with this story widget

In a nutshell the story widget can increase the profitability for your business.



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