WhatsApp Chat & Abandoned Cart

WhatsApp Chat & Abandoned Cart

作成: WATI: WhatsApp Team Inbox

Team Inbox, Abandoned Cart, Order Update, Chatbot for WhatsApp

Delight your Customers

SHARED TEAM INBOX and CHATBOT to support your customers on WhatsApp. Manage Contacts & more

Grow your Store Revenue

AUTOMATIC Abandoned Cart Reminders to turn abandoned cart users into paying users by sending personalized notifications

Two Way Communication

Send Order, Delivery Updates in multiple languages from your dedicated WhatsApp number. Reply to conversations and delight your customers

WhatsApp Chat & Abandoned Cartの詳細情報

All Shopify Store Owners get first month discount on our subscription fee. Use the code HXzS86dG during checkout

This WhatsApp Chat & Cart Abandonment Recovery Plugin is powered by WATI - WhatsApp's Official API Partner

Chat Widget for WhatsApp

Easily add a customizable WhatsApp Chat Widget on your Shopify Store. Add your own branding, colors, texts and setup in just a few minutes

Cart Abandonment Recovery Notifications

Send customized Cart Abandoned Recovery Notifications to all users who abandoned cart. Messages are sent from your dedicated number that is WhatsApp API approved. You can also add discount codes to these messages.

Multi-Agent Team Inbox for WhatsApp

Collaborate between multiple agents to reply to your customers from Shared Team Inbox on WATI. Customers can reply to the same number from which they got a message

Send Order Related Updates

Set your own templates to send order related updates to your customers such as order placed messages, order fulfilled messages and more.

Dedicated WhatsApp API approved number

Messages are delivered automatically from your WhatsApp API approved number. You can set your own display picture, name, website settings, email address on your WhatsApp Profile Settings

Green Tick Verified Number

As a WhatsApp API Partner, we can get Green Tick Verification for your account if you are a reputed brand.

Build WhatsApp Chatbot

You can build a WhatsApp Chatbot to auto-reply to your users using WATI's automation feature.

View Analytics and Reports

Get reports of all incoming messages, agent response times, agent performance, conversation status, etc. on a single dashboard

Affordable Per Message Pricing

As we are WhatsApp's Direct Partner, our pricing for notification messages are the most affordable. * India: $0.005 per message * Brazil: $0.0568 per message * Spain: $0.0456 per message * Mexico: $0.0319 peer message * UK: $0.0478 per message * South Africa: $0.0240 per message * Malaysia: $0.0488 per message All other country costs are the most affordable.

Multiple Language Support

You can submit your own template messages in all language - English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Arabic, Malay, Indonesian Bahasa, German, French, Hebrew, Russian, Dutch and many more

Quick Approval for WhatsApp APIs

You can get your account up and running within 30 minutes, not days.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach us on hello@wati.io


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  • Zoho CRM,
  • Hubspot CRM,
  • Woocommerce



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Online Mantra

It is a good app. Needs some understand tough. Need more detailed documentation for the best result.



Thank you for your kind review. We do have documentations on our Help Center at support.wati.io

Could you share more on what else you'd like to see on the documentation? we're definitely looking to improve.

Sonno Malaysia

Wati has assisted us to streamline communication with our customers and the tools available has helped with automation to a certain extend. Abandoned cart conversion has been a bliss with the automated messages.
Would like to have a detailed analytics/report in the near future



Thanks for your kind feedback.

We're working on some really useful features to make your experience seamless.

Brownsalt Bakery

Seamless integration and easy to use. Their chat system has helped us manage customer data better .



Thanks very much for your kind review.

It's a pleasure to serve you.