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21. září 2022

This app does not work properly! I made two test orders with different numbers and never received a WhatsApp shipping confirmation. Their support team takes days to respond via email. On their chat I never even received a response. Then they come up with excuses as in the mobile provider is the problem or I didn't opt-in (but I never got an opt-in request). In my statistics I can see that barely any of my customers received a WhatsApp/SMS. Most of them were skipped. On top of that I find the way the support team replied to me very rude. Do not recommend! Better run your own tests before relying on this app!

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Vývojář Sweethelp odpověděl 21. září 2022

Hello Mariella,

First of all, our team has responded to your demand but you had a problem with your emails.

Secondly, we don't really appreciate the fact that you threaten us to leave a bad review in order to get an answer that we already provided. As a merchant yourself, you know how many support tickets you can get at times and it is not easy to always answer directly on the spot. So, the phrase "Please check this urgently or else I'll delete the app soon and leave a bad review." is not really appropriate.

Nevermind, concerning your issue with the operator du., sometimes they block auto messages from WhatsApp on their end. We advised you to test with an Etisalat number to see if the problem persists and then come back to us. You never came back.

You only sent 2 automated messages. Concerning the automated messages that you sent from the German number, you didn't activate the opt-in. That explains why they are not sent...but you seem to have another view and want it to work even without configuring the optins which is impossible due to WhatsApp restrictions.

Best wishes :-)

4. červen 2022

installed this app and got notice that I shall be charged when I shall start using this app. This app is free is nothing but a big lie. Don't get decieved.

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