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Bewerkt 6 oktober 2020

for god's sake, how is it possible we have to rate the app before using the app? I might edit the review after using it.

青森部屋 丨日本雜貨 ・ 期間預購限定 ・超過百多樣貨品日本直送 丨
Hongkong SAR van China
1 dag gebruiken de app
2 april 2021

very confusing to navigate...too much going on, needs to be simplified, very overwhelming. i have no idea where to begin

LOVEKimmy Designs
Verenigde Staten
Ongeveer 23 uur gebruiken de app
2 september 2020

Aún no tuve oportunidad de probarla pero por los comentarios es prometedora. A futuro vuelvo con una mejor calificación si amerita

Pecari Cueros
Ongeveer 18 uur gebruiken de app
5 maart 2022

The "link" from my webshop to whatsapp doesn't work. So clients can not contact me from a mobile phone... what is the problem and how can we fix this???

Ongeveer 3 uur gebruiken de app
10 januari 2022

es complicado de configurar, tarda en actualizarse o verse reflejados los cambios, se regresa al home cuando estoy configurando

Ongeveer een uur gebruiken de app
2 november 2022

Chato demais para configurar, ficam aqueles botoes do lado sobre a pagina atrapalha muito sem falar que a pagina fica rolando sem parar e nao achei onde fixar o botao apenas no fim da pagina e nao nela toda

Shoplander Store
Ongeveer een uur gebruiken de app
16 oktober 2020

As an Software Engineer I can tell you that the App has so much potential. I just installed it and boyyyyyy. What a mess of organizations this guys have in this app. Yes I said that it has potential because I spent about a good amount of time trying to figured it out but no luck. If this guys were serious about this app and the potential revenue that they have in their hands they would invest in a logical technical creative mind to fix this mess. I am not angry is more like disappointed that they don't see the disorganization that they have. I really mean it guys. clean it up. I really need to run a business and the least I need is to waste time learning something so disorganized that is literally unbearable. Potential yes. Big. And please don't give this app for free. Charge. And maybe with that money you can pay someone with the skills I described. Sorry guys I cant give more then two stars due to your effort but that is about it. I want to use the app but I CAN'T. How? Make a clear tutorial. Good luck.

Verenigde Staten
Ongeveer een uur gebruiken de app
29 september 2020

Mucha informacion, diseño muy feo, dificil de entender. No me gusta que todo el tiempo me esten pidiendo calificarlos, es muy molesto.

Carlota Sandals
24 minuten gebruiken de app
29 juni 2020

very confusing and difficult to manage
too hard handle the dashboard have to uninstall

The Silk Age
19 minuten gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 9 mei 2021

didnt try it yet, after i try it i will update the review, i didnt like how i have to review it first its a waste of my time
18 minuten gebruiken de app