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Working Great On Our Website, Very Nice App Looks Great And Professional,
Recommended To All !

SAAS GROVE COM LTDが返信しました 2023年6月14日

Thank you for your review. Feel free to contact us again any time you need help =)


Finally it worked, it took me hours to find-out that if someone don't put WhatsApp/Call contact number as per example format with proper spaces and brackets like this "+92(319) 123-45-67", it won't work!
Although, upon pressing Save Button; it will display a message "Congratulations! Your chat button was successfully saved. View live on your store!"
Instead it must display an error/warning message with such text input fields!

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SAAS GROVE COM LTDが返信しました 2023年8月11日

Thank you for the review.
Actually the form supports multiple phone number formats like
+92(319) 123-45-67
+92319 1234567
They will all work with

If you have a specific example that didn't work, please drop us an email at


I can't get in any customer support contact with you guys,
I have some problem about the icon, I want to move it to the middle on the mobile side, not at the bottom.
If you see this comment, please contact me immediately at

This comment will be deleted until my problem is solved,
I have not received a reply now, please help me how should I solve the problem now,
He didn't help me to solve the problem, I don't know how to upgrade

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SAAS GROVE COM LTDが返信しました 2023年4月11日

We were in touch with you 5 minutes after your first email, and have offered you a custom workaround to meet your requirements, which seems to have made you happy.

​Your comments like "Please revise it as soon as possible, otherwise I will give another bad review.". I feel sad when customers are blackmailing us with bad reviews in order to get extra attention. We have always been helpful and this is just not fair.

Please remove the review as it is not appropriate.
If you need anything else, feel free to contact us again.

Thank you.


Muito insatisfeito com esse app. Estava dando erro quando clicava no botão do whats, eu desinstalei e o incone continuou aparecendo na minha página. Reinstalei para ve se conseguia retirar mas não consegui. Acabei aprovando a cobrança do app para ve se conseguia remover e mesmo assim não consegui. Resultado: tive que pagar a mensalidade sem usar e ainda continua aparecendo o incone do whatspp na minha pagina.

SAAS GROVE COM LTDが返信しました 2023年2月10日

Sorry to hear about your experience. It might have been a minor incompatibility with your theme that we are usually able to quickly solve. The button may not have disappeared quickly because of your browser cash.

Please contact us at and we'll help you out configure the button.

Don't worry about the payment, we'll issue a refund for you if you've been charged.

Este é o Alex, cofundador da GetButton. Vejo que você está insatisfeito com seu aplicativo.

Não vejo nenhum e-mail seu. Normalmente, somos capazes de resolver quaisquer problemas com o botão rapidamente.
Pode ter sido uma pequena incompatibilidade com o seu tema que geralmente conseguimos resolver rapidamente. O botão pode não ter desaparecido rapidamente por causa do dinheiro do seu navegador.

Não se preocupe com o pagamento, nós reembolsaremos você caso tenha sido cobrado.


Se tivese como colocar zero eu colocaria. O app foi instalado no meu site sem eu ter baixado ficando na pagina de 4 produtos meu o botão procurei o suporte da shopify e não resolvero tbm procurei o meu provedor que não soubero resolver tbm, até que hj consegui tira ele mais antes disso fiz a instalaçao do GetButton que agora vejo na minha fatura uma cobrança de $2,99 dolar estou tentando resolver está cobrança que nao vou conseguir engolir.

SAAS GROVE COM LTDが返信しました 2023年2月21日


We didn't see any emails from you. We are always happy to help if you ask us.
I'm not sure what your problem was. Don't worry about the charge, your subscription was canceled before the billing cycle. You were not charged for the app.


Não vimos nenhum e-mail seu. Estamos sempre felizes em ajudar se você nos perguntar.
Não tenho certeza de qual era o seu problema. Não se preocupe com a cobrança, sua assinatura foi cancelada antes do ciclo de cobrança. Você não foi cobrado pelo aplicativo.


Amazing app for my store! and most of all it is FREE! ^^

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After today's update, when a user clicks on the chat button, it takes him/her directly to the WhatsApp application (on a smartphone) or to WhatsApp Web version (on a desktop PC or laptop). This makes the WhatsHelp App even more practically useful than before! Thanks a ton, Dmitry ... well done!

Prasenjit Sarkar


I install this app for my page yesterday. Not hard to manage, tonight I am start testing the chart tool from my web and communicate with people who left me message.

The app is very stable, will try to see one more week and come back for sure leave better review and share to others ^_^

La Fortuitous

This app is just what we have been looking for. Thank you Whatshelp team!


Great App!! Easy to install, works well & its free!!

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