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5. joulukuu 2023

Great app with comprehensive tracking page and flows to create a great customer experience. Team is amazing as well!

For Wellness
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12. joulukuu 2023

Wonderment is now our go-to Shopify app, an absolute essential for any store. Thousands of shipments later, and we've yet to receive a single customer support ticket for order updates, thanks to Wonderment's proactive triggers.

Special kudos to Sivan for going above and beyond during our integration. Her expertise ensured a seamless and tailored success. Wonderment's features, combined with Sivan's exceptional support, make it a five-star, must-have solution for any Shopify store!

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6. joulukuu 2023

We've had an incredible experience with Wonderment. not only has it drastically improved our customer experience with transactional and post-purchase messaging, but it drives revenue and helps us "brand" previously unbranded experiences. Plus, it's awesome to have all of the flows in Klaviyo (Wonderment team 100% built them out for us and all we had to do was give feedback and a green light).

Speaking on behalf of Rejuvia and 1-800-D2C, can't reccommend the wonderment platform and team enough!

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9. lokakuu 2023

A really great way to provide transparency to customers while also reducing the amount of emails people send asking "where's my order??" Julie in particular was helpful in getting our theme looking great and the team is quite responsive. I love having the klaviyo integration which sends notifications to customers about their order's journey.

Popov Leather®
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18. elokuu 2023

Easy implementation and integration with both Shopify and Klaviyo to ensure a seamless experience for our team internally as well as our customers.

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13. toukokuu 2021

I used this app to get an understanding of how we're performing with (un)fulfilled orders in a second's glance. It's saved me a ton of time to focus on exception-based reporting. Beyond that, Brian is always willing and able to go above and beyond. From asking for feedback re: what other business reporting requirements would be helpful to jumping in with adhoc solutions in a pinch. Excited to see how this app continues to evolve as it's already great stuff!

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3. maaliskuu 2021

Wonderment is a solid app and we're so glad we found it. Gives us great visibility into our customers' shipping statuses and they integrate with all our apps. Their team is super helpful and always open to feedback on new features. Highly recommend them.

Surely Non-Alcoholic Wine
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24. kesäkuu 2021

There's no way to prevent orders from being delayed, but this app helps make the customer experience better and helps our customer service look better. The app easily integrates with Klaviyo, allowing us to set up flows and send automated emails to customers when their order might be delayed. The Where's My Order team has been super helpful and responsive in helping customizing everything to our needs. Highly recommend to all Shopify businesses.

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21. elokuu 2021

I am saving hundreds and getting every feature I ever dreamed of for my Shopify store. If all orders go through Shopify, this is a dreamy solution for SMS and email notifications, tracking pages for Ontrac, UPS, FedEx, notifications and warnings for my team when items are stalled (it tells customers too), and I can even use their tracking pages to get people into my referral program and text list. You should integrate with Klaviyo email and SMS. Their engineers are really talented, they have been in the ecomm game. A+. Thank you Brian and your team! This is a legitimate product.

Farmers Juice
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17. helmikuu 2021

Excellent app and customer care team. They are always open to feedback and have added several of the items we've asked for in order to better dynamically populate our content and serve our customer. It has saved a lot of time for our team by allowing us to be proactive. Highly recommend!

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