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27 de setembro de 2023

I've really loved this app mostly because our company has perk membership and we can easily create sales for those customers tagged with our special designations. I came across and issue where the discounts were not rounding properly (if the discount came to $1.995 it should be $2 but it would come up $1.99 - our customers noticed) and contacted their support. They fixed the issue within a few days. I find this impressive as I've asked for help on lots of apps and platforms and got the run around. Not with this app. They responded, kept me updated, fixed the issue, and then sent me a video showing me that they got it working. 5 stars.

I do have a couple suggestions. 1. Coupon codes. Some of our special members are promised special coupons. I'm discovered this is an issue on shopify. Not with this app but in general.

2. More customization with free shipping. I don't know how but since we use live shipping, I'd love to give a free shipping method so that all shipping methods aren't "free". We want to give free cheap shipping not 2nd Day UPS. This issue comes up in all discount options on shopify. I don't think anyone out there has thought of this.

Also, part of me suspects now that the thoughts are out there this app will solve them.

Chalcedon Store
Estados Unidos
11 months usando a aplicação
2 de fevereiro de 2023

We have a wholesale website in the UK, so only approved customers can sign in.
We use the app to hide prices from public, launch a sign up form for new customers, set a minimum quantity ordered of each products and a net term payment for specific customers.

What we needs are different from others. Digitalcoo can help with those added on options. The prices are affordable too.

Digitalcoo can do all of the works we need but we have to be specific on every details.

They response fast but can only be contacted by email. We never need anything urgent, so we are fine with the communication via email.
We have been using the app for a year and very happy with it. Highly recommend.

Thang Tho Ltd.
Reino Unido
12 months usando a aplicação
22 de fevereiro de 2023

Amazing customer service with this app. Everytime I have some trouble to fix, they are available to fix it for me. App run good too. The only wholesale app I found that is able to use multiple currency. Thanks guys, and a big thanks to Max for all the help provided.

PERFEX Industries
Almost 2 years usando a aplicação
Editado a 4 de abril de 2023

*UPDATE - This app has been frustrating me for 5 months, but it has been working properly for about 2 weeks now so I am hesitantly updating my review as requested by the team. They really have put a lot of effort into getting it to work on my site. That said, do not expect this to just work as is...this has been 5 MONTHS of back and forth with a myriad of issues as stated below and I am not really confident that I won't have any further issues)
Either the cart is extremely slow to update or won't update at all. Or the wholesale pricing won't load correctly so random products are left at full retail price. Or some customers have completely gone through the checkout process and then the final PLACE ORDER button will just not work. There's been so many issues with only temporary solutions. It has made my whole business look extremely unprofessional and I'm sure I have lost a number of orders when my customers just give up instead of reaching out when they can't place orders.

Spacefish Army
Estados Unidos
7 months usando a aplicação
6 de agosto de 2023

Hello we add the app to our Shopify account and now we need ASAP help to integrate the app, so my company can use it as fast as possible. There are many many B2B customers from us that are already switching to the competition because the wholesale functions are not working. Please help us to integrate the app as fast as possible. Right now we are losing thousands of euros on a daily basis. We will appreciate your help a lot and I hope that you can support and prioritize us, regarding the app integration.

You already got the access to our Shopify account. I hope you can help us to complete our B2B online store in the fastest possible way.

My Candytown
About 18 hours usando a aplicação
3 de fevereiro de 2023

This app has been easy to use and offers all of the things I have been looking for to run my wholesale site. I have tried other wholesale apps, but nothing beats this one. Contacting the developers of the app has also been really easy and they have been amazing to work with. Fast and super communicative!

Shop BirdieBox
Estados Unidos
4 months usando a aplicação
19 de maio de 2023

The Wholesale - All in One app team has been great about working with me on several app customizations to meet my unique business needs. I now have a wholesale app that works perfectly for my business while having no negative impact on the user experience for retail customers.

Enhansa™ - The Official Site
Estados Unidos
About 2 months usando a aplicação
25 de outubro de 2022

The app was exactly what we were looking for. It's all encompassing and resolve all the challenges we had before we installed it, from customer sign up page to providing the discounts on our custom theme, and there's features that we haven't even began to take advantage of. Aside from that, they have really good and helpful dev team, very responsive and understood our needs.

Al Design Center
About 2 months usando a aplicação
Editado a 4 de fevereiro de 2023

The app work correctly the Max and Team always are there to help with any issues you have after some adjust the page is working perfectly..
The app have everything to turn your page in B2B page.
Thanks to all Team

Kaia & Crystals
About 1 month usando a aplicação
11 de abril de 2023

This app is awesome value for money when you compare the features to other apps. From what I can see this is the best. I just changed my theme and the response to update the app to work on it was super quick!

Budget Hair & Beauty
12 months usando a aplicação