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14 maart 2022

Not the quickest support but they solv the problems. Good intuitive program
i have both lock manager and price discount. i would love to be abel to links on accountpage.. but i need a third program for that...

Design By Cement AB
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12 mei 2022

Previously I had a bad experience with this company but Seth and I talked and he restored my pay buttons. I'm grateful for this. I appreciated that he made it right. If something goes wrong in business an owner should always make it right. I will remain watchful but today I'm happy that the pay buttons have been restored. Thank you.

A Lil Bit of Sweetness, LLC
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Wholesale Helper heeft geantwoord 12 mei 2022

I'm glad after we communicated, we were able to get aligned and on the right path forward :)

Let us know if you need anything else in the future,
WH Team

Bewerkt 24 november 2021

I installed this app to keep one product from being visible unless the customer was logged in and tagged with a certain label. It was easy to install, create the tag and create a lock, however, it didn't work as intended at the outset because everyone could still see the product logged in or not. Then there was a change made and then even being logged in, they couldn't see it. Wholesale Lock support was finally able to resolve the problem, but we went back and forth on this for more than a few days, so just know that if you install this, there might be glitches, and it might take a while to get right, but they do stand behind their app and will help you fix it. Working great now. Thanks!

Entry Envy
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Bewerkt 9 augustus 2021

UPDATE: The support imediately contacted me and after a couple of individual code adjustments they made it work for me (this took a few weeks but they kindly didn't charge me for it). The predictive search is now quite slow and the number of results is still shown even though the products themselves are successfully hidden. Unfortunately doesn't support quick search. My locked products got successfully hidden everywhere but still showed up on the quick search.
Nice interface and lots of functions but the incompatibility with my theme's quick search sidebar makes it useless for me.

Grums Deutschland
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Wholesale Helper heeft geantwoord 20 juni 2021

Hi we can most likely do the integration with your theme.

Not all themes are the same so sometimes requires manual integration after install. Please email and we will help.

-WH Team

25 januari 2021

Great customer service provided and so far the app has worked really well and has done the job needed it to do.

The Golf Shop at Cutten Fields
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