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Bewerkt 24 mei 2024

Terrible Support and Unresolved Issues

The support team is extremely slow, taking 1-2 days to respond, and each time a new agent starts the process over, creating a loop of 1-2 working days. They focus on the app's limitations rather than helping. We faced major issues integrating our translation app, and they offered no solutions or alternatives. The support team is so unhelpful that it makes you not want to contact them for anything. Highly disappointed.

11 dagen gebruiken de app
4 februari 2024

Neben der optisch wenig ansprechenden Aufbereitung, gibt es einen großen Mangel, den der Support nicht mal nach zwei Wochen geschafft zu beheben. Während des Check out, wird dem Grundner ein viel günstigere Preis angegeben, als eingestellt. Ich habe damit bereits Verluste bei Bestellungen erhalten. Der Support konnte das Problem nicht lösen, und es ist offensichtlich auch keine hohe Priorität dort. Daher von mir einen Stern. Ich hatte dem Support lange genug Informationen zukommen lassen und Zeit gegeben.

7 maanden gebruiken de app
16 juni 2023

Nothing works properly, i've come across so many problems that i had to pay a whole months for nothing since my free try expired before i could finish setting it up. The support are quick to respond, but give no helpful answers. I had to get it to work with my website team or by myself. The app can be in only one language, it's not compatible with shopify market (whatever that is). I have a simple B2C and B2B store... Really bad experience.

Les petits Tousi
19 dagen gebruiken de app
Wholesale Helper heeft geantwoord 6 juli 2023

Hi, we are sorry you did not have the best experience.

We have refunded the charge and have updated our app to work with Shopify Markets.

If anything changes in the future and needs our help, please let us know.

27 mei 2021

Really bad customer service, they don´t help and provide solution with minimum requeriments that the app should have
Bijna 4 jaar gebruiken de app
Wholesale Helper heeft geantwoord 1 juni 2021

Hi, we have emailed and called a few times to help navigate. Regarding features, we get 3-5 feature requests per day so hard to build new features into the product immediately without careful planning + QA. (Also we need to take into consideration what will drive the most value for the most merchants ). We are in the middle of a big release right now to make the app perform even faster and help our merchants in the future. Hope this perspective makes sense and happy to hop on a call or email.

1 september 2020

This app has led to the absolute worst nightmare to our store!

We onboarded with the app at first, and it turned out to not offer the feature that we where looking for, which was to offer collection based tiered discounts.

Everything ok so far, this can happen. We then requested them to remove the left over code that the app had left in the theme files, they told us it would take a couple of days.

We then decided to onboard with a different app, which did offer tiered collection based discounts.

We successfully integrated with the new app, and then proceeded with multiple hours of theme edits/ integrations, etc....

We finished writing all the code yesterday evening, and celebrated the finalisation of this trade store project with the theme. This morning we sent out all the invitations for the customer accounts to the trade partners.

In total, we spent over 30 hours of code edits.

Now, this is when the nightmare started:

About 3hours ago: a trade customer told us that they could not see their discounts. We then checked the website immediately, and absolutely everything had been removed from the website!

All of our design edits, all of our new template files, all of our sections, all of the new app integration code etc etc etc...

I checked the logs, and Wholesale helper had made over 10 edits to the live without making any back up, no theme duplicate, and without any warnings!

They ended up resetting the whole theme to it's original state rather then "removing the code from their app".

This is was their answer on the issue:

"I just verified this from the team. It seems the published template that had our App integrated to it has been removed and last back-up version (that didn't had our App code) has been left behind as a replacement.

It should not have been executed in such a manner-- this isn't a norm nor a practice here and we're going to take serious accountability measures to make sure the message seeps in to the members of the Product Team that did this.

Unfortunately. We tried to recover the data but couldn't - and technically I don't think there's anything that can be done. We're sincerely sorry for the loss of time and effort on your side due to this and are here to cooperate and make-up for the losses you suffered in any way possible."

TDW Trade Store
Bijna 2 jaar gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 22 september 2020

The app works as advertised, but support is very poor.

I have had experiences where they simply don't respond to requests without multiple emails over the course of days to more than a week.

For example, I requested a re-install on an updated theme (NOT a free service) on 9/2 and didn't receive a response until 9/11. On 9/7 I wrote to say that I was still waiting, and didn't get a response until I threatened to take my business elsewhere.

Then when they did the job they broke the theme and it didn't work. And…I am still waiting for them to acknowledge the problem and resolve an issue for which I already remitted payment.

If you can find the same functionality elsewhere, I would seriously consider it.

Newrome Press
Verenigde Staten
Ongeveer een jaar gebruiken de app
14 december 2022

Poor app. Does not work properly. And does not provide any support. BEWARE of this app. You will receive reply without any resolution. After a while there is totally no reply and no support. & Apps is buggy and does not work correctly. Very bad app & Very bad Support. Totally do not recommend.

12 maanden gebruiken de app
15 september 2020

You will lose money!!!!! This is a terrible integration. Support for the app said they needed 48 hours to integrate which sounded great. Once they said they were complete we started a trial and lost money on every sale as they prices on all variations changed to cents instead of dollars. We quickly changed it once we caught it. Contacted the support to let them know of the issue. We are now going on 6 weeks. They wanted to bill us more hours to fix it. We agreed yet still no results. Bottom line is it is a waste of time, and loss of money.

Keg Smiths
Verenigde Staten
11 maanden gebruiken de app
26 mei 2023

VERY BAD assistance in relation to the exorbitant cost they charge.
They usually respond after one day to our requests so it is VERY DIFFICULT to solve problems because of the long lead time.
They DO NOT OFFER unlimited stock so our wholesalers could not place orders. This is a ridiculous limit.
We removed the application and for a whole day WE HAD HUGE HUGE PROBLEMS with our website, the PRICES in each product tab were HIDDEN for all our customers !!!!!
Luckily we downloaded another application which solved the problem for us.
We're sorry but we do not recommend this app. They still have to train themselves before selling themselves as an application on such a renamed site as SHOPIFY
10 maanden gebruiken de app
29 december 2022

Poor Support and Poor App Design/Dev.
The support is very creative with their avoidance to help you.
They will reply to you without resolving any issues so they can buy more time.
They want to jump on a call :-) to give you their reasons.
This is an overrated app and not well designed and developed.

4 maanden gebruiken de app