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28 december 2020

I used this app for managing my pixels and custom audiences. It saved a lot of my time when it comes to building audiences. The analytics dashboard is really useful and it helps me making informed decisions. This app is a must have for every shopify store if you are planning to do Facebook marketing. Caspian is very helpful and supported me with all my questions.

Dog Pawster
11 maanden gebruiken de app
19 maart 2020

I think I am very lucky to have installed this app on my store. Initially, I was just trying to find an app that is similar to what I was using to host my facebook pixel.
After I discovered this app and had a chat with the support i instantly canceled my subscription with the other app.
This app is so powerful and opened my eyes big. Many features and easy to understand reporting system.
The team behind it is very knowledgable and helpful. Every time I have question or issue with the app, they are always there to help and answer. The developers are on the line to debug and solve the problem immediately. Not like other apps' support, they need to come back to you in 1 or 2 days later just to wait for their developers to solve the problems.
If you are looking for EXCELLENT products and support, look no further than Win Ads. It is a MUST have product to grow revenue.

Get Me Gem
11 maanden gebruiken de app
22 februari 2020

Full credit to Danny, like the reviewer before me, Danny really gives you the extra time to go through and understand the capabilities and how it helps your business. The information gathering and targeting capabilities for your pixel make this a powerful tool and combined with great support, it's something every store should consider. It's early stages but we are optimistic.

My Loved Kitty
11 maanden gebruiken de app
9 mei 2021

WinAds just make life so much easier, very happy with them. It helps me to connect so much easier to Facebook.

8 maanden gebruiken de app
25 oktober 2022

The best pixel tracking apps, the owner (caspian) help me much and they so a kind person. Very recommended to others.

Softlens Queen
8 maanden gebruiken de app
21 februari 2020

I just installed the app and unsure what to do with it. I schedule a call with Danny for a 15 minutes session, it turned to a 1 hour because the information he provided was so amazing, he doesn't hold back anything and actually explain how the pixels work, why you can't scale a certain product, and so much more. the app itself is amazing in many different way. I'm so excited to start using the app for all my stores

Living Aesthetic
Verenigde Staten
8 maanden gebruiken de app
17 september 2021

WinAds sorted out my facebook pixel problems which otherwise would have taken ages or meant we had to hire costly freelancers, highly recommend!

Jim and Tonic Distillery
Verenigd Koninkrijk
7 maanden gebruiken de app
22 maart 2021

The best app in the segment. Amazing. You can test products more assertively, separating them by pixels.

Mais Feminina
7 maanden gebruiken de app
6 januari 2020

If you have a Shopify store and run Facebook ads to it, you need this app. Not only does your pixel fire faster than native Shopify pixel integration, it manages your catalog - a must for dynamic ads. The app pays for itself many times over every month. Customer support is amazing.

This has got to be THE BEST pixel tool that I've found. There are so many options that it's almost overwhelming when you start to really dig into it and all of its functions.

6 maanden gebruiken de app
3 juni 2021

The app is helping to track pixel events very efficiently, and its really easy to set up and use. I highly recommend it for sure.

6 maanden gebruiken de app