Wishlist Hero

Wishlist Hero

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Grow Sales with a customizable Wishlist & Email reminders

Great Free Plan

500 wishlist items/mo with many features including ability to share the wishlist, and Non-English support.

Email Reminders

Send reminders for wishlisted items when they have low stock or price drop

Easy Customization

Easily customized to match your brand & language. Show as a menu item, header menu or floating. Show on product, collection and quick views.

Wishlist Heroの詳細情報

Great customization features

  • Easy & code free installation
  • We offer migration services from other Wishlist apps.
  • Customize the look and feel to your brand and language.
  • Show Wishlist as floating (immediate setup), a menu item or header menu (free setup by our experts)
  • Wishlist can show as a pop-up or a stand alone page. Choose font used, colors and Image size for the wishlist pop-up or page.
  • Wishlist icon will show up on product, collection and quick views.
  • Wishlist button icons selection, defaults to heart
  • Choose from different animation effects, to show up to the customer after adding a product to the wishlist.
  • Works on tablet & mobile.
  • Fast and responsive customer care
  • Low stock reminders: customizable low stock level e.g. less than 10 items. Customizable email template.
  • Price drop reminders: customizable discount percentage e.g. more than 10% discount, to avoid sending emails for normal price adjustments. Customizable email template.
  • GDPR compliant

Customers can

  • Easily share wishlists either through email or through social media like Facebook, Twitter and more.
  • Add a variant to wishlist.
  • Use the wishlist as a guest user (no login required).
  • See product count in Wishlist.
  • See an animation effects, after adding a product to the wishlist.
  • See a web push notification after adding a product to the wishlist.
  • Add to cart feature integrated for quick checkout
  • Get Email reminders when a wishlist product either has a low stock or a price drop.

Admin & Tracking

  • Admin UI supports English, Spanish, French And German. The app itself allows you to translate the text seen by the customer to any language.
  • Track products, customers and their activties, with timerange filtering
  • Export wishlist products, customers and activities to CSV format (open using Excel).
  • View Individual shopper’s wishlist
  • Retarget customers through Facebook pixel

Automated install & works out of the box with popular Shopify themes (and free help to install for other themes)

  • Debut
  • Supply
  • Minimal
  • Boundless
  • Simple
  • Venture
  • Brooklyn
  • Narrative
  • Prestige
  • Impulse
  • Warehouse


  • Searchanise,
  • Boost Commerce,
  • Globo,
  • qikify,
  • Buddha,
  • Quick View Secomapp






料金 14日間の無料体験




  • Code-free setup
  • Up to 500 wishlist items/mo
  • Share Wishlist via Email & Social media
  • Reports for customers & products
  • Non-English support



  • Everything in Free plan
  • Up to 1,000 wishlist items/mo
  • Custom branding
  • FB pixel integration
  • Email reminders (low stock, price drop)

Gold Plus


  • Everything in Silver plan
  • Up to 5,000 wishlist items/mo
  • Custom branding
  • FB pixel integration
  • Email reminders (low stock, price drop)



  • Everything in Gold Plus plan
  • Up to 10,000 wishlist items/mo
  • More volume? CRM integration? Contact us

* すべての料金はUSDで請求されます。
** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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I use this apps and it's really good ! You can personalize your wordings and the colors of the wishlist. For the installation of the icon on the header I asked for help and the developper was really fast to anwser my request !

Deer Doll

Wishlist Hero is literary my HERO! And here's why: For the longest time we were true to another quite popular wishlist app which all of a sudden forced us to upgrade the already flawless and flourishing wishlist to their newest version, which had a completely new look (very generic) and a thousand new features that were unnecessarily complicated, plus no way to customize even the most basic layout features on the back-end without emailing, raising a ticket and waiting for support. This new wishlist-version looked so out of place, like it does not belong to the website at all, it was terrifying and after four stressful nights with many attempts to reach out to support and not receiving any help regarding customization, I had no choice but to say a prayer and find a replacement wishlist app within.. ASAP. Next thing I know, the website has a great new wishlist, customers wishlists were being transferred, and everything worked out for the best. All of the help received from Wishlist Hero was immediate - they helped straight away, eventhough technically we were still on their trial version. All of the stress was gone, thanks to the reliable, understanding, and responsive tech support at Wishlist Hero! So many elements of the wishlist can be easily customized in the settings and that's a huge plus compared to the old wishlist. And I really like that the guest wishlist is share-able and does not force guest users to create accounts. I'm also glad we didn't have to waste time trying out a ton of wishlist apps before finding the HERO wishlist!

Boss Mama Kreations

Great app!! The customer service is awesome. They always answer my questions when I email them and they always check back to see if they resolved the issue. I will definitely keep using