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25. říjen 2021

I installed this app more than 24 hours ago and I'm still waiting on customer service. The collaboration request has been accepted and I'm still waiting.

Jenston Girl
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Čas strávený používáním aplikace: 4 dny
Vývojář Appmate odpověděl 26. říjen 2021

Hello, I'm sorry about the delay in getting this up and running for you. We usually take it easy on Sundays. It's our only day off. Happy to get this up and running for you right now. Cheers, Alex

12. srpen 2021

I installed this app and reached out several times for help with the setup. A few days went by and I got a response, but something else wasn't clear so I asked a question on August 5th. It is now August 12th and I STILL have not gotten a response to my question from the 5th or any other type of help whatsoever. I downloaded another (cheaper) Wishlist app instead and got an immediate response to both of my questions and my new Wishlist from that developer is already set up and ready to go. I have deleted Wishlist King and can't wait to read their ridiculous response to this review. Don't waste your time with this app, it seems like they just run out the free trial before they can be bothered to assist you at all!

The Mustard Dandelion
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Čas strávený používáním aplikace: 10 dny
Vývojář Appmate odpověděl 12. srpen 2021

Hi, thank you for the feedback.
We did receive your installation request and replied to you twice, asking you to kindly send us the collaborator request code that we required from you in order to be able to send a collaborator request. However we have not received a reply. Our ticketing system shows that those emails were received and read by you. Did you not receive them by any chance?
In any case apologies for the inconvenience and always happy to help if you would like to give this another go.
Thanks again for your feedback. We always value constructive comments.
All the best.

Datum úprav: 28. červenec 2019

Can't install it and no answers...
I have sent several mails and no one could take the time To answer m'y requests

Bae & Mee
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Vývojář Appmate odpověděl 28. červenec 2019

Hello, sorry that you haven't heard from us. I have just checked and it seems we have not received any of your emails since January/February when we promptly installed the app for you initially. Please email me directly at alex@appmate.io and I will get back to you straightaway. Thank you.