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15 februari 2017

The APP is fantastic working seamlessly with XERO - but be sure to set up a SHOPIFY XERO bank account for reconciliation, using the CTO statement importer to avoid issues with refunds and payments tallying to payouts

The 1 star is not for what the app can do .. BUT for the complete lack of support. We needed our Accounting history uploading which we were advised would not be an issue. However after 2 weeks we have still not had one response to multiple emails asking for this and even offering to pay for the months in question.

Not one response to date

The app is fantastic and perfect for accurate UK book keeping on our 1000's of orders

BUT if something goes wrong then you seem to be on your own .. which is such a shame.

Pearl And Earl Shop
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25 januari 2021

When the app works its fine, however we have had the same problem happen over and over again. It immediately suspends the integration from working. I have contacted support via their contact us section, via email, pretty much everything short of smoke signals in the past. At no point have they got back in touch, explained what is happening, or how to avoid it. Were currently offline again for almost a week. No response from support.

HKT Products
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Bijna 3 jaar gebruiken de app
CarryTheOne heeft geantwoord 15 februari 2021

Every one of the client's emails was responded to. It appears there was a problem with email deliverability although the client's email server did not bounce the emails in the usual way. Contact was eventually made via the contact form on the client's website. Regrettably the client does not believe that these replies were sent and still believes they were simply ignored. Customer support has indeed experienced problems in the past with replies made later than the target period, but a great effort has been made to improve response times, which is why it is especially sad to see this review.

For the record, the problem concerned a recurrent temporary error at Xero's end. The integration has since been improved to handle this temporary error seamlessly.

Bewerkt 5 september 2019

used to be good - not sure if they are still in business - cannot get a response and the app has been down for days meaning huge disruptions for us - been using for years and usually pretty reponsive ..................................

The Food Garden
Bijna 3 jaar gebruiken de app
CarryTheOne heeft geantwoord 12 oktober 2019

Very sorry to let down this long term, valuable customer with slow support due to backlogs around this time. The issue, which was specific to this particular store, proved more difficult to resolve than expected.

15 februari 2017

Have been using this app for a couple of years without a problem. In july last year i had I had to change my paypal accounts over. I notified CarryTheOne of the new account and ask them to debit from my new account. They didn't do anything and my old paypal kept overdrafting. Just recently in my old paypal i stopped the payments and they paused my integration. I restarted the integration with myn new paypal accoount but an error message came up saying i needed to contact support to start the integration from where it left off. Its been 8 days and i have sent an email every day, To both the sales team and the support team. No response at all. My orders are piling up and i cant get them to respond. So the app works great, the support team gets a big fat Xero, excuse the pun. Im at a loss as what to do as my orders are piling up everyday and i just cant get anyone to help.

Skatescool Shop
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9 maart 2017

I cancelled my account during my trial period, but they still helped themselves to $31.99. I have sent 3 emails to them but have not had any response AT ALL.

These people are a bunch of crooks that feel they can just take your money. DO NOT USE!!!!

Freedom Inflatables
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CarryTheOne heeft geantwoord 12 oktober 2019

These claims are categorically denied.

The client states "I have sent 3 emails to them but have not had any response AT ALL.", however a DKIM verified email received from the client dated before the review can be provided to Shopify that includes a support response in its thread. So this claim is provably untrue.

The app charge was made by Shopify and it was advised that they should be contacted regarding this dispute and for reimbursement because developers have no control over the timing of these payments and cannot process refunds for apps that have been uninstalled (this function simply does not exist).

Based on the app history it would appear that it was in fact uninstalled on the 31st day after installation (one day after the 30-day free trial ended). Even if that were the case (and not as the client claims, within the trial period) an exception would have happily been made and any refund request authorised (as has been done for other clients), but no follow-up was ever received.

6 november 2018

A total waste of time and resources. This app is not working and there is NO support. Should be deleted from the app store. ZERO STARS

CNC since 1971
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CarryTheOne heeft geantwoord 12 oktober 2019

While it is true that the initial response to the client was outside the standard response time, for which full responsibility is accepted, the review is however inaccurate for the following reasons: 1) The client states generally that the app is not working while in his initial email states that it is working for one of his stores (the issue with the store in question was likely due to a third-party app but it was no longer possible to investigate this because the Xero integration app had already been uninstalled) 2) The client's claim of "NO support" was made after he had already received a reply to his enquiry.