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18 giugno 2023

I've tried over 10 image resizing apps to make everything square but I have over 20,000 products so paying per cents doesn't cut it as it would costs thousands.. for the monthly price..its a good deal.. and it WORKS!

the only problem is the apply to app products doesn't seem to work I left running for a couple of days and nothing seem to change..unless you do it by vendor or collection.. thank you

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18 febbraio 2023

Took a chance with no reviews - turns out it's one of the only apps that does exactly what it says.
I had some huge images that needed to be reduced in pixel size, it did the job.
- Would like more control over image size other than ratio
- "All products" didn't populate a lot of my products, but I was able to select them by vendor instead. Not ideal, but got the job done.

Sweet Stop
6 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
22 marzo 2023

The application is as good as is it is in the description . You can set for product tags or product vendor

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