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23 mei 2019

Import is good but I Cant Re-Fetch new products on amazon after first fetch, how to get support, i bought 2000 product package and the app is just showing old products, also cant do bulk import.

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24 maart 2020

Great idea. It did not work first time - one particular variation intensive item did not show up. I contact Rohit and he got it working, but then I messed things up and had to contact him again. They fixed it and actually did the import and links for me. Great service. Since they are in India, there may be a day delay in getting help, but they have been great.

Outdoor Element
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16 februari 2018

It is a good app that moves products (with images) from Amazon to Shopify. My only problem was not getting everything in my inventory over from Amazon. The app seemed to have stopped midway, leaving about 2,000 items that didn't transfer. I notified support but didn't get any help, which was weird because usually, support is not an issue.

Interstate Sports
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14 juli 2023

I've been happy with the easy of transfer from Amazon to Shopify. I am still trying understand how Shopify syncs with amazon to maintain my inventory.

Six Mile Quilting
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22 november 2019

This is in my opinion, is not a production-ready app.
It messed up my whole inventory.
After 3 weeks, I am still not done cleaning up.

If you really have to, then use it first on a development installation to see if it works for you.

It seems like the developer fixes and improves the app while getting feedback from his paying customers. Not fair at all.

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9 juni 2017

This app was absolutely AMAZING--converted all 200 SKU's from our Amazon Inventory file into a version that required little editing for shopify's listing requirements!

Caps N Vintage
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Bewerkt 10 maart 2016

GREAT App !!! BETTER and more FLEXIBLE than the Amazon / Shopify app for importing an Amazon Webstore which rarely, if ever, works.

The Professional Amazon Importer works the first time and every time !! The developer is WONDERFUL !!! Questions are answered quickly and completely, He will work directly with you to get the information you need Imported from Amazon to Shopify !!


Chili Fiesta Gourmet
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10 juli 2022

Not accurate, although Pankaj in support team was good but application failed to download all products and they either it was duplicate or some item were missing.
not very user friendly interface to add or delete product. its premature app at this stage.
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29 juli 2018

Be careful. This app requires you to provide them with your master API Amazon credentials.

Led Monster
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