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2 maart 2024

Bonjour je suis Fondateur de boutique vision royal
J'ai connecté ma boutique à votre plate-forme et le même jour j'ai desintaler la l'application sans l'utiliser vous m'avez charger 310,83 $ à cause de vous je suis obligé de fermer ma boutique car je ne vais pas payer cette facture injuste je ne peux pas payer pour quelque chose que j'ai même pas utilisé alors gentille je vous demande de retirer cette facture la silteplait car ma boutique risque de fermé car je ne paierai pas cette facture là merci de votre compréhension

28 augustus 2016

Dowloaded the free numbers nothing shows up...useless

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15 oktober 2016

Unstable program keeps breaking down. One time it was showing someone else's products. Very slow to move product from Amazon. No sorting option wastes a lot of time. Have to call support every week. I was paying for this ? My last error.

Language string failed to load: tls Unauthorized access!!

Hiteck Hobby
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22 november 2019

This is in my opinion, is not a production-ready app.
It messed up my whole inventory.
After 3 weeks, I am still not done cleaning up.

If you really have to, then use it first on a development installation to see if it works for you.

It seems like the developer fixes and improves the app while getting feedback from his paying customers. Not fair at all.

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10 juli 2022

Not accurate, although Pankaj in support team was good but application failed to download all products and they either it was duplicate or some item were missing.
not very user friendly interface to add or delete product. its premature app at this stage.
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29 juli 2018

Be careful. This app requires you to provide them with your master API Amazon credentials.

Led Monster
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