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1. heinäkuu 2021

After putting the address to ship, then they ask for an additional payment but their system said doesn't work. Its demo doesn't work. Just add payment couldn't do either.

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XPS Ship vastasi 8. heinäkuu 2021

Hi Christine. I'm so sorry that you have experienced problems. I have reviewed the notes on your account and see that you didn't respond to our attempts to reach you to schedule a live demo / onboarding support. I also see that you haven't contacted our live support department to provide assistance.

I don't know what demo you are referring to in your review, but there is a wizard, that hasn't been followed. That would definitely be a help, as would a live demo, and live support.

XPS Ship has over 15,000 active customers. We add 350-400 new customers per month to this number. The wizard works, payment processing works, the Shopify integration works... it all works. We are happy to help you implement. I will have the onboarding coordinator who previously reached out to you by phone and email reach out to you again.

My hope is that we will be able to provide the guidance you need to get started and that you will become a happy user. XPS Ship is the optimal multi-carrier shipping solution for small to mid-sized businesses.

20. helmikuu 2018

Was very excited to get this new system but they don't give you an option to try the software with a billing credit card, you have to upload a minimum of 50.00 to even start. Also, their customer service isn't very good either. I once called in and this guy named Tyler who answers the call, answers by saying, XPS Shipping, your going to have to hold". Seriously, what kind of business allows their employees to answer a call like that? So even after that call, I was still going to give them a chance but after today, NOPE.

They called me yet again because they will keep calling non-stop until they get you to schedule a demo but I had questions in regards to shipping. So the lady I spoke with tried to transfer me to someone, got hung up on, then she called me back and then transferred me to Tyler who jumps on the line and doesn't even ask what my question was. But instead, immediately says, go to the "Zero balance on the upper right hand side of the screen and put in your credit card number" and doesn't even begin to even ask anything about the questions I may have. When I asked him if there were other options, he was like "No" and didn't even attempt to explain anything on why its setup that way or basically even try to keep a customer.

If I've learned anything from companies like these, it's that if the customer service is this bad when you in fact haven't even done business with them yet, imagine what the customer service would be like if there were an actual problem? Also, just an FYI for those that mainly ship via USPS, I've done rate comparisons and honestly, the rates aren't that much different than just using the Shopify shipping or any other shipping company.

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