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3 gennaio 2022

My experience with this service was the worst ever! I try to point the main issue i had: 1) 20-to 30 days delay on shipping time, payed as special line or fast line for a loss of 600$ of products (ofter never arrived) and bad reviews from customer. 2) NO REFUND is possible to ask even if the package arrived damaged (with picture proof) or with extraordinary delay. 3) Product and Shipping price changed all the time, even after you payed for a single order. they send you an email notifying that the price has changed. And you have to pay extra if you want it shipped. 4) I had few products left on my inventory and they asked me ridicolous amount of money to be shipped at my wherhouse. 5) They charge twice if you have an order with the products for a single customer. Even if the product is light, they might ask other 20$ to ship for a ridicolous excuse that they need to make double package. Sometimes even for one single products. 6) They DO NOT make any quality check. I had the impressione most of the time that they don't even treat your shipping, but simply pay the manifacture/supplier to ship on their behalf 7) In my experience, the little time i sued Aliexpress for some emergency, it worked much much better. This guys do not have any clue with good shipping and se4rvice. They use very cheap shipping service and charge as it is DHL or UPS. STAY AWAY FROM THEM IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO LOOSE MONEY!!!!

Figaro Cats Store
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Yakkyo ha risposto 4 gennaio 2022

Dear Raffaele,

We are really sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with our service. We rely on the best shipping companies in the market right now: Yun, 4px, Wb etc. All of your orders shipped by us were delivered on time and the few parcels that got delayed due to Covid situation or bad weather conditions, from our record, your orders never reached such a high delay as 20 days.

We did issue refunds to you for those requests eligible and following the requirements indicated in our General Dropshipping Return & Refund Policy.

For those refunds that were not refunded by us, in fact, PayPal itself decided, after gathering all necessary info, those refunds were not eligible.

Besides, if you use Dropshipping to sell goods with Amazon, there is a high possibility of having a customer complaint, because Amazon’s customers are used to fast shipping, such as Amazon prime, that delivers in just a couple of days. So, we strongly suggest being clear with your customer about the shipping time.

Shipping price can be updated for many reasons such as peak season, weather conditions and Covid.

We do care of your inventory, that’s why we sent you a reminder every 2 days to give us your supplier address, however you never provided it.

We quoted your inventory shipping via DHL since we had no choice but to choose DHL, because you have zero tolerance for delay and DHL was the only method appropriate for you. We never charge twice our customers. There is only one scenario in which we are forced to split the order when it’s oversize or overweight and the only way to solve this it’s dividing the order and saving your money.

We do help our customers to check the products and many of them appreciate our service to catch for them defective items before shipping.

We do make a random check but our customers can have a full quality control on their goods, if interested, as a complementary service.

We do value and cherish all of our customers, however business is mutual cooperation and benefits, we work hard because our customer success is our success. Hope our customers can cherish our hard work as well. Business is to create win-win for both parties, not only one side.

9 novembre 2021

0.5 Stars for this app until they actually make an effort to provide good descriptions (including Info like manufacturer part number MINIMUM) and product photos that do not have chinese characters and better quality to actually edit them. 0.5 Stars For the rest of things that need improvement.(Long list)
I will modify my review when this app will actually be OK.
Thank you.

Regno Unito
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Yakkyo ha risposto 9 novembre 2021

Hi, I'm really sorry for your disappointment, but maybe I can assist you with some of these problems. The pictures on the catalog are the pictures uploaded by the suppliers, but we offer the possibility to shoot professional pictures, videos and 360° renders by clicking on the button extra. About the number of products, if you don't find what you are looking for you can always ask for a quotation for a new product for free, Product Tab> Find New Products. For any other questions please DM us in Chat.

9 dicembre 2020

Very bad experience with this app. I do not recommend it.
I placed an order on 1st of December and today is 9th of December and the order is still not fulfilled. The customer service is very poor, almost non existent, they did not respond in chat since two days now! Very frustrated and disappointed! They say fulfilling orders takes 3-5 days, but 9 days have passed since I paid this order and still nothing!

The UVlizer
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20 novembre 2020

Hello, With the greatest pleasure, I will give my assessment and it is absolute 0
I am trying to understand how people work for you and especially those who are looking for products that we consumers require. It is not normal for me to look for you to find women's dresses for me !!
It is not normal for me to look for a holiday decoration for you to send me a doll in a stroller !!!

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Data modifica: 22 gennaio 2021

this is not what i expected ! I was waiting over 1 hour to look for product! after that, plus 1 hour to find shipping cost. And all this, with 30 items per month! no, thank you!

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Yakkyo ha risposto 22 gennaio 2021

Thanks for your feedback, I'm sorry that you were disappointed by our service, but waiting one hour for a new product quotation is not so bad in the end. Our product quotations are made by our Image Recognition Software and depending on the number of products in the queue, they can be immediate or take up to one hour, but still, they are pretty fast compared to fulfillment centers or agents. If you ask for a new product quotation to a sourcing company or to an agent you need to wait for days, not for one hour.