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12. maaliskuu 2024

Quite disappointing, to be honest. It feels cumbersome to create compared to Shopify's own email marketing feature. Everything has to be done manually while you'd expect it to be a bit more intuitive and pull content from the website. Who has time to keep designing these campaigns again and again? Trying to edit and setup a template is a bit of a pain and I had to try several times for it to work.

Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta
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Yotpo vastasi 20. maaliskuu 2024

We're sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with our SMS product. Our team has contacted you a few times, but we haven't heard back. We encourage you to reach out to our support team so that we can better understand the issue and find a solution.

20. huhtikuu 2024

Things seem backwards. Having a lot of issues.

Spit-take Gifts
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Yotpo vastasi 6. toukokuu 2024

We're sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with our product. Our team has contacted you a few times, but we haven't heard back. We encourage you to reach out to our support team so that we can better understand the issue and find a solution.

Muokattu 30. elokuu 2020

Service is very poor. I have been trying to get an answer on reporting of Orders for a three weeks and can't get a person to tell me. Repeating myself over and over and over again. Can't tell if the platform actually works on not.

Tripod Coffee
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13. marraskuu 2022

Decent app, with good flows and automations. I upgraded my plan to utilize the A and B testing, sent a campaign, but the program didn't send the correct message that I configured, checked, double-checked, and sent off. Sent a couple emails to support with no response. Previous to this I wanted to upgrade to the higher tier plans, reached out twice within a few months span. Still haven't heard anything back. Overall the app is pretty good, the service isn't. The cost of sms is expensive already and with lackluster support may be better off finding an alternative.

Box-Up Nation™
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17. helmikuu 2023

This used to be an awesome app. However the platform has been pretty buggy lately and customer service is slow and not the best to deal with. It feels very outsourced and disconnected. After being with SMS almost 3 years, we will be leaving soon to find another SMS service. Customer service should be a priority with something as important as text messaging and SMS Bump has lost that touch lately.

Nature Backs
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16. maaliskuu 2021

Worked great for about a year and then my last text campaign was randomly sent out over the course fo 2 weeks to my customers causing a ton of confusion since the original text was for a sale that ended the evening I sent it. Contact SMSBump and they said all was fine on their end but this had never happened before. I tried to find a resolution and they refused to help. Looking for a new company now. Super disappointing since I had over 12K people on my text list and now have to start over.

Monkey Feet USA
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1. kesäkuu 2021

The app was working well without any major problems but had a short outage that told customers that the app wasn't installed when it was. This caused us to re-install the app and thus resulting in losing all of our automations and data. Very unfortunate situation.

Kanzen Knives
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8. toukokuu 2021

really good for abandoned checkout campaign but not for SMS marketing. invested 130 USD for the campaign and 0 return..

Body Massager
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23. toukokuu 2020

I integrated SMSBump with my Justuno pop-up... the integration seemed to go smoothly as Justuno accepted it fine. I noticed immediately that I have an issue as I signed up to test my own pop-up and I haven't received the initial welcome flow. I checked SMSbump and my information is there so not sure why it's not starting the flow. I have spoken to 2 customer service reps & I haven't had the problem solved yet. This has been going on for 2 weeks. I'm starting to get a little frustrated as now I'm not getting responses to my to follow up emails. Hopefully this is a glitch and it all turns around.

Mademoiselle Lash
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Yotpo vastasi 26. toukokuu 2020

Hello and thanks for reaching out.

Apologies for the delay here and hope you had a fantastic Memorial day weekend.

Our support team has gotten back to you.

EDIT - July 2nd: Hello again! Stoyan here from the SMSBump team. Wanted to ask you if all your issues were resolved. Feel free to reach out to us, our team will be more than happy to help you!

6. helmikuu 2020

happy with the results but no so much with the service. you can't speak to an agent and you have to do everything via email or chat. lame.

Miss Match Group Inc.
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Yotpo vastasi 10. helmikuu 2020

Hello and thank you so much for the feedback.

Would love to hop on a call with you. Our team will reach out and ask for more details on your availability.