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2 juni 2023

I couldn't be more disappointed after losing thousands of SMS subscribers....

When I used this service, I had no issues and no problems and it always worked great. One day I am no longer to access the app via the Shopify Sales Channel nor login on their website and am in a pinch to access for a memorial day weekend sale to send out texts. I reach out to support, no answer due to it being the weekend. Due to a time crunch, I uninstall the app and re-install in hopes it will work because I desperately need to send something out, but unfortunately get the same issue I started at.

I reach out to support again first thing Monday morning via chat and they cannot help me and say they will follow up end of day. 3 days go by, still no response.

I get into another chat today and I'm told they emailed me, but of course, I received nothing. I ask them to copy and paste the email in the chat which claims they fixed it, but of course the issue was not resolved and still couldnt access my account at all.

Now it gets worse... I ask for them to export me a list of all my contacts so I can use another service, and they only send me 500 contacts, though I had over 2100 which is a lot for a small business like mine.

SMS was a massive driver for sales and now I'm left with a 75% loss of subscribers and the support team telling me they cant retrieve anything which I believe is false.

I greatly look forward to never using Yotpo ever again. Your support sucks, your pricing sucks, and I promise you can find a better option. ✌

Bibles and Coffee
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Yotpo heeft geantwoord 7 juni 2023

We apologize for the inconveniences. Per our records, our team was able to contact you, resolve the issues around login, and export the information you requested. If you're still experiencing difficulties on your end, please let us know.

28 februari 2022

Bad app! since yotpo has acquired smsbump they have become so hard to use. we operate 50+ stores and they expect us to create an account on yot-po for every store or we can not use smsbump. Whenever we install the app in the new store and click the app, it asks us to recover the password which was never lost. They think that we will make a new store from a new email. All other apps we use, when we click on the app, they log us in automatically, or they have the feature where you can add multiple stores under one account but this, yotpo has ruined smsbump. i have complained to them multiple times but since they don't care, I will leave my review and find better options. Their customer support chat sucks, you refresh the page and all chat history is gone, you have to start over again.

Trendy Diamond Painting
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9 juni 2021

Not a fan of having to pay to read what a customer replied. I understand sending a message back to the customer has a cost to their company so we should pay per every SMS we send, but just reading what a customer said does not have any server cost for them, they already have the message there, in their database, they just don't want me to read it unless I pay for a monthly plan.

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24 augustus 2022

Poor support they do not respond to messages. Very Poor app performance. We have scheduled text campaigns and 50% of our consented customers do not receive text messages. We are charged for messages the platform is not sending. We have tested with several phones no messages are received. This app is falsely showing sent messages. Scammer app that does not sending text messages. I wish i could give negative stars

Oh It's Natural
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Yotpo heeft geantwoord 24 augustus 2022


Thank you for reaching out.

We are very sorry, it is not our intention to miss your outreach and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Indeed we can assure you that our service is not a scam and we are more than happy to further assist and review your concern described.

A member of our team has reached out directly and we look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind Regards
Yotpo SMSBump Support Team

12 oktober 2021

The selling of this platform to Yopto was a horrible move and was not over sought well. The customer service is now nonexistent, message don't get sent, you get overcharged and it is an ABSOLUTE nightmare! Before the selling to YOPTO, SMSBump was superior to all. Now, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!

The Baby Bird Boutique
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24 juli 2021

TLDR: If you want to have a company tell you how to run certain aspects of YOUR COMPANY when you reach out for support, please use this app. If you DO NOT WANT the ability to control WHO you send texts to and what they say, please DO use this app. My frustration in Context:
Absolute trash. I had (and am still having) a miserable time trying to simply UPDATE a small group of 17 customers with an order update SMS. I added $20 to my account and and proceeded to carefully craft the message and send it. It took me hours to get everything setup to do this and import contacts from Shopify store. Once I go to send the 17 messages, THEY ALL GET BANNED and unsent. It tells me that the messages were sent successfully after i finished composing the campaign and sent it, but in the status page, it just shows the word "BANNED" repeatedly. Upon contacting support, one agent began to knit-pick my checkout page saying that it "Should contain a box allowing customers to opt into text message updates and promotions" instead of my current setup of allowing customers to optionally "enter a mobile number for sms updates". After half hour of going back and forth with him, YES, he continued to insist this was the problem and refused to acknowledge the actual problem with the platform. The SECOND attempt at support, a different agent told me that something was causing my account to be banned (even though they had no trouble collecting my money and holding it), and that she would need to escalate this matter to a higher level of support and I'd get a response in a couple of days. I told her this was not an acceptable resolution for me and I would give her until the end of day to come up with a solution OR i would be moving to a different app for SMS sending and leaving a review with my frustration. (Her time has passed and I have not received a solution, so here I am) To summarize, if you want to have a company tell you how to run certain aspects of YOUR COMPANY when you reach out for support, please use this app. If you DO NOT WANT the ability to control WHO you send texts to and what they say, please DO use this app. screenshot here:

smsbump review
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Yotpo heeft geantwoord 2 augustus 2021


I sincerely apologize for the experience you have received with our service and any inconvenience caused.

After reviewing your report and account, I believe there may have been a misunderstanding.

It appears that there was some activity in your account which triggered our security bot.

I just wanted to let you know that we have reached out to you directly to further discuss the activity which triggered this lock on your account and how we can work with you to resolve this matter and any additional concerns you may have.

We hope to hear back from you soon so we can work together to address these points as quickly as possible

Kind regards,
SMSBump customer care

28 juni 2021

Please be warned, if you make any type of change to your texts, it will erase your progress and you will start over. If you add a picture, it will erase your progress and you will start over. When you try to send a text and if more funds are needed, you will add them but the system will erase your progress and you will start over. You will constantly be copying and pasting into word or google docs so you can save your progress. This becomes very problematic when you paste in auto generated url's that then go nowhere when your recipient clicks on it. Service is very slow. Wanted to like it, but looking for other solution

My Mind's Eye Paper Goods
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24 november 2021

We have been wondering what is going on with this app for the last couple of months. We have spent hundreds only to have every single campaign fail. We have a list of a few thousand, 49 emails are delivered yet we are charged for the several thousand. Since Yotpo has taken this over it's not worked at all. Will be asking for a refund from Shopify. Best to not install. It's no longer working as it has for the last several years. Too bad...this WAS an affordable option. It's now just costing us marketing $$ with 0 return.

Ativo Skincare Inc.
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12 januari 2022

**UPDATE AFTER 3 years with service**
Decided to switch to a much better platform, Klaviyo. It’s much better and less expensive. SMSBump merged with Yotpo and is trying desperately to integrate email marketing.
It’s not good. Support team is a joke. Never really been useful. Generic responses. Don’t believe the “bonus funds” you get when replenishing your account. When you uninstall you won’t get any of them back. They expect you to completely deplete your account to $0.00 before uninstalling.
Even if you’ve depleted and replenished your account dozens of times, the “bonus funds” stay in your account and never get depleted first. Overall, this app is costly, doesn’t have advanced email features, and comes with a subpar customer support. Clearly signs of a company who has grown to a point where profits matter over customer experience.

Nordic Catch
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Bewerkt 10 maart 2023

I was helped by Quin and she was kind and helpful. But the test text message doesn't work so i don't understand

Natania Creates
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