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Datum úprav: 7. únor 2018

Great software, but the pricing is a big problem for small and new businesses. We found Judge.me to be a better and more affordable option for our needs. Their $15/month plan has 95% of what Yotpo has for 3% of the cost.

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29. březen 2023


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2. duben 2015

The free version is limited. In their promotion of the product, they make it appear that you can do social sharing and much more with the offering. Of course, with the freebie you can not. Their Powerhouse product is too expensive for a small business and the next tier up from Lite, is $199/m. I'm surprised Shopify placed this as a top "Free" product, because free is really disappointing for what you get. By the way, I have no problem paying for a solution, but when your next tier is $199/M, uh that is too high.

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16. říjen 2017

Cool features but WAY to pricey. Priced by # of orders, so you are penalized by being successful. They should charge via features instead since it doesn't cost extra money to send a email on their end. Just like Shopify stopped billing based on Users visited/month these guys should stop billing orders per month.

$300 for this app or $20 for Judge.me which does essentially the same for more orders.

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