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Muokattu 15. kesäkuu 2021

Reviews and Q&A are ok but you can get the same for MUCH cheaper. UGC does not have an easy to use interface...much better off with Foursixty for Shoppable Instagram. Reps take weeks to get assistance

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29. tammikuu 2019

Don't do it!! If only I had read all of the negative reviews before getting roped in. They now have me stuck in a $10k/yr contract and are trying to squeeze me for more money just because I have localized my international stores with the proper .ca .com.au .com.uk etc....I can get most of the features with other review companies such as stamped.io for under $100/month. I'll have to wait out my contract and then figure out how to get my reviews all transferred if possible. WHAT A HUGE MISTAKE!!

My Site Plan
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Muokattu 1. kesäkuu 2018

Avoid this app if you ever want to grow your business to more than 25 orders a month. Seems like others have the same issue. Yotpo starts off with a free version then try to pressure you into a huge contract! Way too expensive. They want to bill me over $1000 a month for this app when shopify has one for free that offers Google SEO. They charge you for every email that goes out. If you have integration to other online stores through shopify apps you are billed for those emails as well even though the customer did not order on the shopify site. Google offers free product review star ratings, but if you want to have your yotpo product reviews (not site) to show up then they make you buy their pro version. That is 8k up front for the year. They will say well it's 15k but we are giving you a deal. Alternative is to add something much less expensive like trust pilot. You will spent a fraction of what YOTPO pushes you into without any contract. Go with TrustSpot and the google app and your costs will be a fraction with the same results.

Swing Design
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Muokattu 7. elokuu 2023

Can someone please assist? Been a Yotpo-paying customer for years. I logged many email requests for support. Tried to talk to a bot and can't get any support. Please help me or send csv file of reviews to import into another Review app. My app is not opening for days now and only gives a blank screen. Very frustrating not to access my reviews and even more frustrating not to get any help. I tried all available channels for support many times now. Hope to get some help here

Smael South Africa
Melkein 5 vuotta sovelluksen käyttöä
21. joulukuu 2020

If you don't pay a lot which I don't because I use the FREE version don't expect much. At least I have moderation. But it's December and no reviews are showing on my website since October !! Boo hoo. I hope you fix this soon.

Debra's Passion Boutique
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Yotpo vastasi 3. tammikuu 2021

Thank you for reaching out to us. Firstly, we'd like to apologize for any inconvenience. Our customer support representative has already contacted you and has resolved the issue. We are always trying to improve our product, so please know that your feedback is extremely important to us. Feel free to reach out to us at any time if you're experiencing any lingering issues.

Muokattu 14. syyskuu 2022

The product is decent, but if you need support, they will jack your site up. They worked on my site yesterday and broke a bunch of stuff, now nobody is responding. Do not waste you time on these guys, it is only good until you need support, then you are screwed! WASTE OF MONEY!!!

Motool Inc
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Yotpo vastasi 6. lokakuu 2019

Hey, Jaillene from the Reviews team here 👋

Thank you for your feedback, and we apologize for the inconvenience. We never make adjustments on the backend without your consent.
Our records show that our support team was able to assist and that your team was also able to make some adjustments on the admin side of your site. If you're still experiencing any issues, please feel free to reach out to us.

Muokattu 21. syyskuu 2016

Changed new theme, having problem to re-install the code of Yotpo, took 5 days to receive a reply from them with installation instruction, but I still having trouble placing the code to the right place so I message them again and since then never get a response from them. For free user they don't really care & unwilling to help.

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9. syyskuu 2017

There is a 500 error and I can't install it

Vita Myr
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14. elokuu 2015

We loved using the "forever free" plan for Yotpo for the past year. Turns out "forever" didn't last too long. What a lie. I just got an email saying they are getting rid of our free plan and will switch us to their "new" forever free plan which eliminates almost all the functionality of our current plan. If we want to keep the functionality we currently have, we will have to pay $500 per month. That's more than 2x as much as our entire shopify plan. I'd be willing to pay something, but this is ludicrous. Yotpo's pan is to get you hooked then screw you.

80 Arms
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2. joulukuu 2016

This app is ok but the service sucks!! It crashed I been waiting two weeks for help know one ever helped me and I'm paying for the app

The House Of Bundles
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