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It seems like a nice app but we've not been able to use it fully. We have over 1,000 reviews from our customers that disappeared after Shopify's review app was no longer supported and was removed, but Yotpo import doesn't work. It just pops up a blank page with no option to import anything.

Yotpoが返信しました 2024年7月2日

Thank you for the valuable feedback.

We're sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with importing your reviews. We know how important it is to transfer your reviews and we are here to help you.

Our support team reached out to you via your support case, please don't hesitate to respond to it so that we can assist you further.


I am telling my fellow sellers a cautionary tale. I have been with Yotpo for 7 years.. a long time in the e-commerce world. I have watched this company transition and what has become apparent is 1- there are major speed issues with all yotpo products on your shopify store 2- you will experience Google Console issues and they will expect you and your dev team to invest time to assist with a fix with no economic benefit to you 3- you will experience cost increases year over year and 4- they will have no loyalty to you if you are an older client or if your business goes through a hard season

Of course, companies need to make money but their business model has slowly pulled in things like SMS. What this means for you, fellow retailer, is that you will lose compatibility with critical channels (like say, Attentive for SMS). Their response? Just move to us... bundle and save- and they treat the precious company you've built like a cable and telephone contract.

This insidious way of doing business is bad for all small businesses. There are plenty of better options that won't weigh down your site, cause SEO issues and throw compatibility roadblocks into the mix (as well as save you a considerable amount of cash).

This is my 15th year running my brand. My reviews are few and far between for stack tech however when I see predatory contract management that hurts business and overall operations I am compelled to share it to prevent the heartache and replatforming we are now going to undertake.

Darn Good Yarn
Yotpoが返信しました 2023年11月28日

We wanted to reach out directly to thank you for your candid Product review. We appreciate your partnership over these past seven years and do apologize for the experience you are currently having as it relates to product, pricing, and service.
We understand there are outstanding items that are critical to your business to resolve. We do not take that lightly. Our Black Friday code freeze is still in place until the end of the week to ensure stability for our merchants during the busiest time of the year. As soon as the freeze is lifted at the end of this week, our R&D team will be able to push a fix for the SEO concerns you mentioned and as for the load speed issue we do plan to release improvements on that front as well in a few weeks.
Regarding your experience with your contact, we do apologize for the experience you had and hope we can work together with your account team to find pricing that makes sense for your business needs today - especially in light of our longstanding partnership.
We appreciate you and the Darn Good Yard team - and hope we can find a path forward together. We'd love to have a discussion regarding the alternative strategy and feature functionality that is critical for you going into 2024. We will reach out to you directly via email to discuss that.


no dynamic coupon codes unless you pay big bucks. this used to be available for an inexpensive monthly fee years ago. not worth the price they charge now to have this feature. And with out dynamic coupon codes, it is no better than any other review platform app available today. YOTPO will likely be on the chopping block for us down the road...

The Tiki Yard
Yotpoが返信しました 2024年1月19日

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. We're continuously working to improve our products so that our merchants can get up and running without any hiccups. Dynamic coupon is currently not part of your package, however, we have submitted a feature request to our products team for consideration.


Will not uninstall from my store.

Renown Premium Hair
Yotpoが返信しました 2023年12月21日

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review — we sincerely apologize for the inconveniences. Our records show that our team has been in contact with you. We've resolved the uninstallation issues and have removed all codes related to our product. If there's anything else we can do to assist you, please don't hesitate to reach out.


I moved from free version Judge.me to Yotpo as Yotpo looked great and lots of raving reviews about it. I was told about the visual UGC plan which I also added. The review app is great that you can leave images - however, the customisation of the email for review requests is quite basic and clunky. If you want to update the follow up email it resets everything.
The visual UGC has some issues too - with things like product album not being able pull from a source of images. I've also had a few issues with the homepage gallery how it shows up on shopify - in which support has taken about 5 days and counting to fix when I thought it should be a simple fix.
Uncertain about this being worth the money as of yet as there is not much perceived perks compared to free version of judge.me yet. I'm glad I didn't pay for the prime version that sales recommended yet as it wouldve felt like even more wasted money.

Yotpoが返信しました 2024年1月23日

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. We're continuously working to improve our products so that our merchants can get up and running without any hiccups. Our Product team has reached out and scheduled a call with you to discuss further all your product concerns. If you have any concerns regarding the product, please don't hesitate to contact us.


We have used Yotpo for a couple of years now, it has many wonderful capabilities, and ways of acquiring reviews. However, they offer no technical support, only time you will hear from them is when it’s time to renew your contract, and when you find someone in support it’s someone from sales, with a superficial knowledge of the app, not someone who actually knows any of the technical stuff, which is why you needed them in the first place. We are looking for other options.

Lovepray jewelry
Yotpoが返信しました 2020年6月30日

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review, we're really sorry to hear about your experience. Over the past year, we've been working hard to expand the capacity and availability of our support team and are happy to share our support agents are now available to all of our users 24/7. Please feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions or you'd like to chat.


Nice but wayyyyyyyyyyyy to expansive. Not worth it. others offer it for free.


apper to be free but now after a long time of collecting reviews we decided that it is best to have the option to answer to clients and YOTPO is asking for $29 a month. You can see the review but you cant do anything about it with the free option!


Really annoying how I can't find installation instructions anywhere

Wise Condensation Shop

Eh, personally I don't feel that it's good enough for $30 a month. Yotpo site isn't pretty, and its not very intuitive (they should def hire some UX designers). The one thing they are very good at, is upselling you to pay more for more features.

DIY Print Shop®
Yotpoが返信しました 2020年8月11日


Thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback, we apologize for your experience.
Our pricing model is flexible and is available on our website and in your Yotpo admin. For our Growth plans (up to 800 orders per month) you can choose from packages ranging from just $19 a month.
Don’t hesitate to reach out to share more feedback with us on how to improve our product experience.
Thanks again for your feedback.