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Bewerkt 23 mei 2024

May 23 review - UPDATE
I have to say that once you get the app integrated and moving - which will probably take 2-3 weeks of massive amounts of back and forth over email, explaining the same thing repeatedly to different people and doing multiple chats to trouble shoot - it's good.

However, if you get a free trial period overestimate your # of orders because even if you're told that you can adjust it during your free plan, you cannot and nothing will move the support team to help you to do it. So, opt for the higher plan and just downgrade it on the last week of your free trial because we didn't do that and, as a result, we are missing reviews being captured for half of the month of May. And it doesn't matter that our sales rep told us we could adjust the # during the trial or that it can't be that hard of a switch on the backend - no support person will do it for you without canceling your trial and charging you in full. It's incredibly frustrating.

March 18 review - This is specifically a review for the service that I got from John G. over chat - he gets all the stars and all the goodness - he spent over an hour with me going through my list of questions that had been submitted repeatedly to the support email at Yotpo which went silent for a week solid (incredibly frustrating).

So I waited for an hour in the line to get help on the chat and I would rec just doing that because while it took FOREVER to get to him, once John G. helped me we ticked through my list over the course of the next hour and a half and he fixed everything for me and answered all of my questions. There was no having to explain things repeatedly, he understood and he fixed it and we moved to the next thing.

I think once it's running Yotpo is good but the onboarding is significant so just make sure you have the time to sit and hammer all of the details out. And hope you get John G. on the chat!

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29 juni 2024

Hi, I am not using the app, how can I delete all the data in my site? I also installed and Yotpo Email Marketing & SMS and Yotpo Loyalty & Rewards and want to delete their data as well.

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Yotpo heeft geantwoord 10 juli 2024

We're sorry to hear you're leaving Yotpo. Our team has contacted you to address your inquiries and to hear your feedback on our product, please feel free to respond to it.

Also, we have gone ahead and deleted your Yotpo account data (Reviews, Loyalty, and SMS) as you requested.

5 maart 2024

Extremely slow customer service response. And even when you get a response that doesn't mean that issue is resolved. I am still waiting for their response. I have been writing emails for the last 2 weeks for that particular issue. If I am lucky somebody will respond in 5 days

Hobby Trendy
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28 dagen gebruiken de app
Yotpo heeft geantwoord 24 mei 2024

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. After looking into your case, we see that all issues raised in this review have been handled. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time if this is not the case or if you have any lingering questions or concerns.

7 december 2023

The app was working great for the last 2 years but recently the reviews widget is on my website twice and I am unsure how to get it off and it had incorrect reviews for one of my products. I contacted customer support and I am still waiting for a response. I went on the chat and it had me holding on for eternity (45 mins) and no one helped me. The only issue I have is the time I have to wait to hear back.

Kennedi’s Essentials
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Yotpo heeft geantwoord 20 december 2023

Thanks for your feedback, we really appreciate it.

2 november 2023

Works fine out of the box if you don't want to make changes. However, customizations are very limited. Maybe it's just the theme we use, but I've experienced a lot of issues with alignment and display on our collection pages and product pages.

Be warned: there is no way out of the box to resize anything. I updated to their "3.0 widgets" and the UI is definitely a downgrade. As someone with little coding experience, it's frustrating that I can't make that many changes without contacting support. Reviews are supposed to be a trust signal to customers, yet there are layout and spacing inconsistencies right out of the box. How come I can't resize the stars or text to match the style of the rest of my site?

If your collection pages have 2 product columns, the review stars will probably cause alignment issues. Again, I'd expect there to be some customizations that let me align and resize UI elements. This is not the case and will require coding experience.

Their support is friendly enough. Any problems usually get fixed, but not without a lot of back and forth. With there being so many review app options out there, Yotpo just takes more effort than it's worth to make it work right.

Chike Nutrition
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16 september 2023

Apologies, this is not a review. I need support, but I already uninstalled the app, so I don't know any other way to get in touch.

I've uninstalled the app, but on my websites product pages there is still a line (just underneath the product title) with stars and a number for the number of reviews. When I installed the app a year ago I remembering asking Yotpo for help so that it would show up there. But since uninstalling the app didn't remove it, I need help from support to remove the code they added.

I hope I've explained what I need as clearly as possible. If not, please reach out to me, or let me know when the code has been removed. Thank you in advance.

Pink and Caboodle
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Yotpo heeft geantwoord 28 september 2023

We're sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with Yotpo Reviews. Upon checking your site, we can confirm that our Reviews widget is no longer visible. Our team has tried contacting you, but we have not heard back — please let us know if you're still experiencing any issues.

2 december 2023

Reviews show up which is the only reason this product gets more than 1 star. My challenge with Yotpo is it's incredibly buggy and you have to constantly work with support. The support team themselves are very kind and work to solve the issue but for how expensive Yotpo is I really don't think it should be as buggy as it is.

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Yotpo heeft geantwoord 20 december 2023

We're sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with our Reviews product. We encourage you to reach out to our support team so that we can better understand the issue and find a solution.

21 februari 2024

Hi , thanks to Ruzsel to clarify my doubts.

Audiben store
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Yotpo heeft geantwoord 24 mei 2024

Thank you for writing a review — we value your feedback.

2 november 2023

The app is good, but the customer service takes way to long to get help. The help was good once connected but the wait was not acceptable.

Highland Tactical - Dealers
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21 december 2017

I've been using this app for a few years now. It does a good job collecting reviews. There are quite a few limitations for the paid version that we have. I'm not a fan of the social push it offers. The email templates are pretty clunky.

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