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So far so good! I launched my business almost a month ago and have had several orders not only for myself, but from customers as well. Shipping does take awhile with Economy shipping, but the quality of the items is pretty awesome! I have ordered several clothing items for men, women, kids, and pets and they have all been great.

Mama Farmer
Yoycol officialが返信しました 2024年5月14日

Hello from support team of Yoycol,

Thanks so much for your kind feedback.

We would keep upgrading our products quality and the service experience for you dear,if you have any other demands, you could contact us by this email address or the web online chat, we would give you the timely response .Thank you.

Have a nice day!

Best regards

Yoycol customer support team


Overall, I am satisfied with their products' fabric and design quality. The production and shipping are both very speedy as well. I am happy that I've found this company to help build my brand of clothing items. I would recommend ordering a sample of the clothing items you are selling to get a true opinion and to probably size the items at least one size larger in your store, and this, of course, depends on the clothing item such as material and how it's made.

Yoycol officialが返信しました 2024年4月22日

Hello from support team of Yoycol,

Thanks so much for your kind feedback.

We would keep upgrading our products quality and the service experience for you dear,if you have any other demands, you could contact us by this email address or the web online chat, we would give you the timely response .Thank you.

Have a nice day!

Best regards

Yoycol customer support team


I recently had the displeasure of interacting with Yoycol's customer service team, and I must say that my experience left much to be desired. It is unfortunate to have to share such a negative experience, but I believe it's important for potential customers to be aware of the issues I encountered.

The first major problem I encountered was the lack of competence among the customer service representatives, particularly individuals named Eleven, Chara, and YoYo. It was evident that they were ill-equipped to handle customer inquiries effectively. They often seemed confused and unable to provide clear and helpful responses.

Furthermore, when I requested to speak with a manager, I received a response from someone claiming to be the "Manager of Yoycol customer support team." However, it soon became apparent that this was just a pseudonym used to avoid addressing the issues I raised. This lack of transparency was highly unprofessional.

Another significant issue was their group communication page, which was supposed to be managed by YoYo. Unfortunately, YoYo's handling of this page left much to be desired. Half the time, my questions were completely ignored, leaving me frustrated and unheard.

In summary, my experience with Yoycol's customer service (Eleven and Chara)was extremely disappointing. The incompetence of their representatives, the lack of transparency with managerial roles, and the inadequate handling of group communication all contributed to a frustrating and unsatisfactory customer service experience.

I hope that Yoycol takes this feedback seriously and makes improvements to their customer service department to ensure that future customers do not have to endure the same frustrations that I did.

Yoycol officialが返信しました 2024年4月22日

Hello from support team of Yoycol,

We are so sorry that bring the inconvenience for you,

We checked the email contacting history, for your questions , which divided into two categories

1: the coupons: for this issue we already fixed well, we confirmed in the middle of Jan,you already received the coupons dear and every new customer won't meet this issue again, thanks for your kind understanding

2: the personalization feature work in your store

You need to follow this link:

You were following the old link steps before dear, and this is the key link to use this personalization feature function

And you kept mentioning the liquide code or script :
Because we already fixed well for this issue,you don't need to consider there is no way of pasting the copied script to the Yoycol.script , Because it does not exsit,thanks so much for your kind understanding

Finally ,we checked that you placed some sample orders already, if you have any problems with the orders? please contact us by email :support@yoycol.com or online chat once you have any issues,our customers support team would provide the timely response for you.

Have a nice day!

Best Regards


Do not use this app. I have an order that has been 22 days in "production" and have send every day of the last 12 days messages but they do not help you or follow-up. They are still not willing to refund my order. Please avoid at all cost or have extremely unreliable production with no help from their customer service.

Starcove Fashion
Yoycol officialが返信しました 2024年4月22日

Hello from customer support team of Yoycol,

We are so sorry that bring the inconvenience for you


Firstly, we apologized for your order situation

We already upgraded the production process time and service quality, which is in order to provide better experience for our customers on the period of cooperating with yoycol,thanks so much for your kind understanding

And for this order status, we have applied the refund for you, and the refund has arrived your account already, please check it in your account. Every effort will be made to serve your future needs in a manner more consistent with your expectations and our standards.

Best regards!

Yoycol Support Team


Products are good. Building custom products is easy. Shopify integration seems to suck. Every single order that comes through needs manual payment authorization in Yoycol. Shopify collects payment but it doesn't pass it through to Yoycol. That's painful. That may end up being a deal killer for us...and maybe you, too.

Yoycol officialが返信しました 2023年11月20日

Hello from the customer support team of Yoycol,

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback. We understand that your experience with our products or services may not have been satisfactory, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

We value every customer's opinion and feedback, as it helps us identify areas where we need to improve. We take your feedback seriously and are committed to taking the necessary actions to address the issues you have raised.

We would appreciate the opportunity to understand the specific areas where you felt let down so that we can address them effectively. Please feel free to provide us with more details so that we can better serve your needs in the future.

Once again, thank you for your feedback. We are committed to making things right and providing you with a better experience in the future. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Yoycol Customer Support Team


Awesome and easy to use! Very good integration. Highly recommend it for everyone looking to start a POD business

Personalized Sports Gift
Yoycol officialが返信しました 2021年7月16日

We deeply appreciate your evaluation,will constantly make our effort to heighten our customer service and quality of our product to customer.
Thanks for your support to yoycol!


Prompt customer service to resolve problems or concerns that the droppshipper may have when utilizing the app.

Teddy Blaze
Yoycol officialが返信しました 2021年11月1日

Dear user, welcome to use Yoycol, we sincerely apologize that our service was not satisfactory for you.
After checking your orders, we have found that your orders' production time are usually in 2-5 days. The supply chains are also improving production efficiency. As the shipping time is restricted by uncertain factors such as various countries and the current epidemic, we cannot fully control the shipping. However we are also actively communicating with many logistics companies to make sure the orders are delivered in time.
We're also developing the functions of our websites to meet the customers requirements. The technicians are confident that 3D Mockup will be applied to more products and provide better services for all of us. We appreciate that you like our 3D Mockup function,, we are striving to use more resources to develop this function. Please contact us in email or website if you need services, we will be in touch.
We welcome you to contact us on business matters. Our staff will commit to improving their delivery and give you the star service you deserve.


It's easy to use this app, the quality is great, I have received many compliments about the quality. Customer service is fast and helpful. Thank you, guys.

Yoycol officialが返信しました 2021年6月25日

Thanks for your positive recomment,we will constantly make our effort to strenghten our customer service and high-quality product to our customer.
We are apperciate your support to yoycol.


Pros: Ease of use. Pretty good quality.
Cons: Limited product compared to other on demand. Shipping takes entirely too long. I placed an order (#218655366139285504) on 8/13/2021 and received it on 9/21/2021. This may cause you to lose customers. Up to date shipping can improve.

MBM Collectionz
Yoycol officialが返信しました 2021年9月22日

Hello from support team of Yoycol,

May your business flourish

Thank you for your affirmation of our platform and product quality.

Order number :#218655366139285504

We have checked the package trajectory of the order and found that the package transportation trajectory was stalled between August 19 and September 1.

The problem is that during the epidemic, a large number of international flights were grounded, and the logistics provider has urgently arranged it, but There was still a delay in the delivery of the package.

We are deeply sorry for this problem . Some things were unexpected during the epidemic. We have handed over to the logistics department to monitor the delivery date of the package, and subsequent package delivery time will be improved a lot.

Thank you for printing your design inspiration on Yoycol. Looking forward to be your long-term partner .


best regards!
Yoycol Support Team


I am very happy with the customer service of Yoycol, it's highly responsive. Having a problem with an order, which DHL could not deliver, I was contacted briefly by Yoycol to solve it. Order done on time, good service! I recommend it!

Accesorios Hombr3
Yoycol officialが返信しました 2021年1月19日

Hi Accesorios Hombr3
Thank you for using our app. We are so happy that you have a good experience with Yoycol services. Yoycol is always here to help you with anything you need.
Hope you have a nice day!