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14 novembre 2023

The app is a development in the right direction. I´d like to have a live chat, the integrations need a bit more work than the current documentation is capable of explaining. It would be cool, to have a page for feature requests.

The front end of Zakeke Customizer needs to undergo a small redesign, hopefully asap. It would be better if we had bigger buttons for the 2 main functions:´upload photo´ and ´add to cart´.

Also a missing key function is to twist the print-area, so that clients who are uploading pics in horizontal format, would be able to twist the print area to horizontal or portrait.

Im excited how the company envolves and if it will become a long term App that i will be using for my shop.

Overall its recommendable, but you have to be technically versile as of now 14.11.2023.

Dino Druck
3 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Zakeke (Futurenext Srl) ha risposto 16 novembre 2023

Hello, thank you for your review and detailed feedback, it's highly appreciated.

We'd like to highlight that the twist of the print area is one of the features coming up with the very next update. Also, regarding buttons and other front end details, we are currently working on a new revamped UI, totally customizable to meet these demands and support your growth.

For any other doubt or issue, please contact us at, our team will gladly respond to your requests.
Thanks again!

20 aprile 2021

We tried many personalization Apps here in the Shopify App Store, but sadly none of them hit the mark for us nor the customers. After hours of searching, we found Zakeke. After watching their promotion video we knew we had to try out Zakeke. Zakeke in a nutshell: Pros:
- Easy to set up, user friendly
- Customer service is very responsive and helpfull
- Has great futures the more you pay (the prices are quite high, but what you get is insane)
- Easy to use for customers as well
- Works excellent on mobile (any software; Android, Apple etc.) Cons:
- Even tho it's friendly to set up, Zakeke is still a Shopify App which means it can break. It has a few bugs here and there but that's "normal". You can't expect a perfect App. I've used Zakeke for a few months now, and I finally can say (after many e-mails) that it works like it should be now. But that is to be expected.
- Translation in Zakeke itself is quite rough, we suggest you keep it on English if you use Zakeke for the most easiest experience.

Paesi Bassi
Oltre un anno di utilizzo dell’app
27 luglio 2021

Server very slow, sometimes the [ Customize Button ] on product page no show . Predesign template working table too small, it's hard to do the design .

Oltre un anno di utilizzo dell’app
Data modifica: 25 febbraio 2019

FUNCTION: The product does work well, albeit with some limitations.
- It would be nice if we could select different printing methods for different variations of products.
- One odd thing: Every time a customer customizes a product, the customized version gets added to our Shopify store as a new product. Not a big deal, but odd.
Other than this, Zakeke has integrated very smoothly with our site, and the mobile-friendly version works very well, too.

PRICE: It should be noted that .eps and .pdf support is paid extra; by default, the paid tool only supports .png and .jpg files.

SUPPORT: Phenomenal customer support. Carlo has been excellent to work with, and Francesca in the help team normally gets back quickly to any concerns.

Arctic Tumblers
7 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Zakeke (Futurenext Srl) ha risposto 7 dicembre 2019

Thanks for the review :)

Just one thing: we're forced to create a new product from a customized one because in Shopify every modified product is a new product. However, the new product is not shown in the store, only in the product list. And we have a guide to avoid it:

And we do it for our customers free of charge when requested :)

Data modifica: 9 marzo 2020

So far, so good. I haven't had a chance to use it to experience the full app. I do not like the fact you have to add every color of every product one by one. It is going to be very time consuming for me.

ThreadHouse Apparel
19 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
Zakeke (Futurenext Srl) ha risposto 10 marzo 2020

Thanks for your review!

We're working on improving the product configuration process and we just put your suggestion in the "to-do list" :)

30 marzo 2021

Without a qualitative demo or help it is not always easy or clear to be able to make everything correct within the 3D module, but if you email with a problem or question, they answer very quickly, friendly, super clear and constructive. They do a great work to fix the problem. Very satisfied with it.

Elementals Antwerp
19 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
Data modifica: 28 febbraio 2020

I use this app for let my customers being able to customize the products on my website. Is very user-friendly, and the support reply very quickly. I recommend.

14 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
Data modifica: 16 novembre 2018

The product designer is really nice and intuitive, the UI is easy to understand but unfortunately quantity discount (or 3rd party discount apps) for customized products in the checkout is not supported. If somehow this could be implemented it would deserve 5 stars.

Print Fresh
13 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
25 gennaio 2020

great app with which customers can easily create their own products, the support is very fast and the custimizer very easy to use. I am a little disappointed with the presentation of the products in the Custimizer, which was probably due to Printful.
11 giorni di utilizzo dell’app